European Type Overhead Crane

Widely used in warehouse and factory, overhead cranes for sale are an important material handling equipment. While, different country and region have their own features.

In China, the original overhead crane and manufacturing technology is originate from the former Soviet Union. After decades of development, the overhead crane appears to be like now, and has been applied nearly all domains in China, which has demonstrated its Excellent Properties.

So if you are from Russian, this will be very familiar to you. Other wise, if your from European and American area, thing will be different. Next, let us talk about the European style overhead cranes for sale.

To tell the truth, overhead cranes for sale are used more widely in the world, except in China, of course. There are many difference between them in appearance and in technical standards. While, as the development and the communication of the technology, the different is smaller and smaller, especially in double girder overhead cranes. Now, the main difference is in single girder overhead crane and the mounted electric wire rope hoist. Just as shown in the following picture:

cross girder

Cross girder – The European type single girder overhead cranes for sale is the H shaped steel structure, while the traditional type single girder overhead crane is the welded box type. The European type has a lighter weight.

End trucks – There is no big difference in the end trucks.

hoist compare

Hoists – Another main difference is the hoist, the European type hoist is more advanced and has a higher lifting height.

Brief Technical Parameters Comparison
Technical data Traditional type European type
Capacity to 16 mt to 12.5 mt
Span to 90‘ to 98′
Bridge travel speed to 98 fpm to 160 fpm
Trolley travel speed to 65 fpm to 100 fpm
Hoist speed to 26 fpm to 41 fpm

Details specifications on request

Structure and function Simple Sophistacated and mutifunctional
Price Much more costs efficient Expensive
Crane net weight More heavy witha higher energy costsa higher construction cost Lighter steel structure andmore efficient in energy costsmore efficient in construction costs
Adaptive capacity More robustin servere working conditions andenen in improper operations Stable and comfortablebut requires a proper working condition anda proper operation
Which Is Better?

Generally speaking, the European type overhead crane is more advanced and better. While, regarding the working condition, operating condition and the price, I know that Suitable is the best. In DGCRANE, it is our honour offering the suitable crane for your, with our different type of overhead cranes, and the flexible sale plan.

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