Double Girder Eot Cranes

Double girder, double track, single hoisting trolley; Suitable for all kinds of working conditions; Mature technology, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and stable in operation. Most popular crane products.

  • Capacity: 5-800/15ton
  • Span length: 4-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 3-50m
  • Work duty: A4, A5, A6,A7
  • Raged voltage: 220V~690V, 50-60Hz, 3ph AC
  • Work environment temperature: -25℃~+50℃, relative humidity ≤85%
  • Crane control mode: Floor control / Remote control / Cabin room


QD type double girder overhead crane is suitable for all kinds of general working conditions, used for material lifting, equipment installation and maintenance, it is a versatile lifting equipment with a wide range of uses.It is mainly composed of main girders, crane traveling mechanism, trolley, cabin, and electrical equipment.

QD type double girder overhead crane adopts the structure of double girder, double track and single hoisting trolley.

The hoisting trolley is equipped with main and aux hoisting mechanisms, each adopting a set of independent transmission systems. The main and aux lifting mechanisms can complete the lifting independently, and can also complete the work in coordination.

The technology of the QD type double girder overhead crane is mature, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and stable in operation. It is a mature product of our company for many years and is the most widely used crane in our country and worldwide.


  • Compact structure
  • Good rigidity
  • Easy operation
  • Low noise
  • Safety and reliability
  • Beautiful appearance


Compared with top running single girder eot cranes, double girder eot cranes have a much higher load capacity, and longer spans, higher Duty Group, and more flexible configuration for different working conditions, such as steel industry, explosion-proof place, isolated place, etc. Out of the responsibility and mission of double girder eot cranes manufacturer, we always help our customer choose the most suitable cranes for the special conditions. Same as other eot cranes, double girder eot cranes need support from the factory. With this limitation, they are commonly installed inside.

Double girder eot cranes VS Single girder eot crane

  • Structure – Compared with the single girder eot crane, double girder eot cranes have one more bridge beam. Because of the double girder, they are available to offering higher capacity than other cranes.
  • Lifting height – A trolley was equipped as the lifting mechanism that travels on the two bridge beams. The hook can be pulled up between the two beams, so double girder eot cranes offer a better hook height in the given room.
  • Adaptability – Due to the flexible configuration, double girder eot cranes are the ideal solution to meet the demands of special working situation, such as steel industry, explosion-proof place, isolated place, etc.

Technical parameters comparison

single girder EOT crane hoist

How To Choose The Right Double Girder Crane?

When choosing a crane, you will need to take several important aspects into consideration: your application, working environment, limitation of your facilities.

Applications: It is of great importance to make sure our engineer has known all the details of your requirements so that they can design or help your choose a crane that suits your application most, such as safe working load, where your want to move the load to, duty cycle and so on.

Working environment: An ordinary double girder eot crane will quickly scrap in an environment that filled with corrosive gas or of extreme temperatures. So, the environment is an important element to choose the suitable crane.

Your facilities: A double girder eot crane with the span of 30 m obviously can't be installed in the factory that the longest distance can be provided between two supporter is 20 m.

What can we do to serve you better?

  • We will first get thorough understanding of your application, building, your task and the problem. Then we will give your an reasonable advice after adding our specialized knowledge to the overall aspects.
  • Our professional engineers can tailored the productions depend your special demands. We also have the ability to implement new features such as service platform and auxiliary hoists for severe applications and harsh environments.
  • Every double girder eot crane has been thoroughly inspected. All the problems that may occur have been solved before the crane is transported from our factory.
  • With right operation, the service for your equipment can nearly reach to the minimum.
  • We can supply you with high quality components for maintenance, repair and crane modernization. You can even use them to assemble new double girder eot cranes. As professional component supplier, we also provide crane parts for cranes you purchased from other factory.
  • If you have problems in installing, our experienced worker can go to your factory to help you safely install the cranes.
  • Our service won't stop after selling the cranes to your. We will carry out customer callback plan periodical to know and solve your needs and problems.

Options and Components

Main Girder

The main girder is a box-shaped structure on the track. The section of the main girder is systematically analyzed and calculated using ANSYS finite element calculation method to ensure that it has sufficient strength, rigidity and overall stability. The camber of the main girder is (1~1.4) S/1000 , And the maximum camber position is controlled within 1/10 of the middle of the span. The main stress member of the main girders is Q255B, and the minimum plate thickness is not less than 6mm.

End carriages

The end carriages are the box-shaped structure, and the connection between the end carriages and the main girders is the rigid connection. In order to facilitate transportation, the end carriages are disconnected and connected by high-strength bolts. Each connecting plate is positioned with reamed bolts, and the positioning check mark has been made at the factory.

Platform and railings

The tread surface of the bridge platform is made of non-slip patterned steel plate with a thickness of 3mm. The channels of the bridge are equipped with railings with a height of 1050mm. The railings are equipped with horizontal crossbars with a spacing of 350mm. Any place can withstand 1kN (100kgf) load from any direction without plastic deformation. All railings are connected by stamping plates and bolts, realizing no welding on site.

Lifting mechanism

The main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms are arranged on the same trolley frame, with independent driving devices for each mechanisms

The working principle of the hoisting mechanism: the electric motor performs work, the speed is changed by the reducer, and then the drum is driven by the drum coupling, and the lifting hook is completed through the wire rope winding system.

The hoisting mechanism adopts a series resistance speed control system, which has stable braking and small impact and accurate positioning of the hook, which not only improves the user's production efficiency, but also greatly extends the service life of the components of the hoisting mechanism.

The components are compactly arranged and easy to maintain, ensuring safety and reliability.

Trolley traversing mechanism

The trolley traversing mechanism of the trolley is supported by 4 wheels, and a set of independent driving system is adopted to drive the trolley in a centralized manner.

When starting, the driving wheel does not slip, and when braking, it is stable and reliable. This structural arrangement is conducive to the installation, maintenance and disassembly of the components of the drive system.

Crane traveling mechanism

The crane traveling mechanism is supported by 4pcs crane wheels, and two independent drive systems are used to drive the crane separately.

The transmission type of the crane traveling drive system is: a motor drives a reducer through a gear coupling and a transmission shaft. The low-speed shaft of the reducer is connected to the wheel shaft with a coupling, and the driving wheel ratio is 1:2. When starting, the driving wheel does not slip, and when braking, it is stable and reliable. This structural arrangement is conducive to the installation, maintenance and disassembly of the components of the drive system.

Hook group

Hook group

Forged hook block

The hook is a forged hook, hook material is DG20.

The ratio of the pulley diameter to the wire rope diameter is greater than 20 to ensure the service life of the wire rope

The pulley material is cast steel or nodular cast iron, the cast steel is no less than ZG310-570, and the performance of nodular cast iron is no less than QT400-18.

Coupling and transmission shaft


The coupling is safe and reliable, with good transmission performance

The drive shaft is made of 45# steel, and the strength is strictly calculated. Ensure its reliable strength and smooth transmission torque.

Steel wire rope

Steel wire rope

The fiber core steel wire rope is soft and has good bending performance. It is strong toughness, non-absorption, resistance to extrusion, etc. The steel wire rope is not easy to be deformed, the diameter is uniform and stable.

Wheel group

Wheel group

The corner box type wheel sets are all led out by oil pipes, which is convenient for oiling and maintenance

The wheel material adopts ZG340-640, and is subjected to advanced power frequency heat treatment and quenching


Adopt YWZ series hydraulic thruster type brake

The braking is stable, safe and reliable, and the action frequency is high.



  • Soft tooth surface reducer
  • Carrying capacity is high
  • Small size ,light weight
  • High power, low noise, small oscillation
  • Use multiple stages to reduce single-stage speed ratio


The electric motor is suitable for driving various lifting machinery and metallurgical auxiliary equipment. It has high overload capacity and mechanical strength. It is especially suitable for short-term or intermittent operation, frequent starting, braking, and equipment with significant vibration and impact. The motor has good sealing

Buffers and limit switch


The buffers has the good performance of absorbing the energy of the motion mechanism and reducing the impact

The crane and trolley operating mechanisms are equipped with travel limit switches. When running to the limit position, it can automatically cut off the power supply and send out a signal.

A Standard Double Girder Eot Cranes Will Be Produced in 20 Days.

Lead time of cranes with different voltage may be 10-15 days longer as electrical components need to be customized by our supplier.

Types of Cranes for Different Working Conditions

LH type double girder overhead crane with LH hoist trolley

  • Application to workshop, warehouse, goods yard, power station, as well as light textiles and good industry.
  • Lifting capacity: 5ton-32ton
  • LH type electric double girder overhead crane is suitable for working level A3~A4, working environment temperature -25℃~+40℃

QD type double girder overhead crane with QD trolley

  • Used in mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouses, goods yard and power station
  • Suitable for all kinds of working conditions
  • Mature technology, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and stable in operation.

NLH European type double girder overhead crane

  • New generation crane solution with following advantages:
  • Light self-weight, light wheel load, small sizes, good performance, easy operation, lower cost for maintenance
  • Energy saving, cost saving for workshop construction

QZ type double girder overhead crane with grab

  • Used for loading and unloading of bulk materials in power plant, yard, workshop, and port, etc.
  • The QZ type double girder overhead crane is mainly composed of the bridges, the grab trolley, the crane traveling mechanism, the cabin and electrical control system
  • The fetching device is a grab that can grab bulk materials.

QC type double girder overhead crane with electromagnet

  • Used in metallurgy and mechanism factory load and unload metallic materials such as steel plate, scrap iron.
  • There is no need for manual hooking and unhooking the magnets, which reduces the possibility of injury.
  • High efficiency, time-saving, labor-saving. Hoisting is stable and reduce tilt.

QE type double girder overhead crane with double trolley

  • Suitable for all kinds of general working conditions. It is used for the lifting of materials, the installation and maintenance of equipment, and with a wide range of uses.
  • The crane adopts the structure of double beam, double track, and double hoisting trolley
  • Each hoisting trolley of the crane is equipped with an independent transmission system. It can not only complete lifting and transportation independently, but also complete the work in cooperation.

QDY type double girder overhead crane for steel industry

  • Widely used in steel plant, smelting workshop, metallurgy plant.
  • The rated lifting capacity of this equipment is less than 75t, and the working class is not less than M7.
  • Heat insulation device at the bottom

YZ type Metallurgical casting bridge crane

  • Widely used in steel plant, smelting workshop, metallurgy plant.
  • Heat insulation device at the bottom
  • Special crane for lifting molten metal, working class A7, A8, used in busy metallurgical foundry workshop

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