Semi Gantry Crane

Semi gantry crane is a special form of Gantry Crane. Just as shown in the picture, at one side of the crane, this gantry crane for sale runs on an elevated runway system like a overhead crane along the length of the factory.

At the other side, it just runs like a standard rail mounted gantry crane. This special overhead gantry crane for sale allow you extend your workplace by not needing a runway system from the top of the building.

Compared with gantry crane, it uses the structure of the plant instead of a new leg of the crane itself. Undoubtedly, it owns a more cost effective. Considered that semi gantry crane doesn't depend entirely on the plant, this special structure gantry crane has an advantage on the flexibility over EOT crane.

There are two typical applications:
  • Indoors, it is often used under the existing overhead cranes to provide more hooks, thus improving the the productivity of your factory.
  • Outdoors, often is used near the building, making full use of the existing runway structure, thus improving the cost efficient of your factory or plant.
Semi gantry crane used indoorsx

Depending on the loading capacity, this special kind gantry crane can be formed in single girder gantry cranes, as well as double girder gantry crane. So, if you want to see more technical parameters, you can just get a reference from corresponding Overhead Cranes or Gantry Cranes.

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