Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

The slewing, long travel and hosting motions of these systems can be either manually operated or powered making them suitable for a range of applications across various sectors.

It increases overall plant productivity by quickly handling smaller lifts.

It provide long lateral movement of materials without taking up floor space or interfering with large overhead cranes.

  • Capacity: up to 5 ton
  • Arm length: up to 10 m
  • Lifting height:up to 20m
  • Work duty: M3-M5
  • Rotation angle: 120-360°
  • Raged voltage: 220V~690V, 50-60Hz, 3ph AC
  • Crane control mode: Floor control / Remote control
  • Reference Price Range: $1300-2300/set


Wall mounted jib cranes for sale has no requirement for the floor space or special foundations. The column that support the horizontal beam is instead by the wall that provided by the factory or plant itself. Apparently, it offers an economical alternative to free standing jib crane. It is capable of 200 degree rotation with the capacities up to 5 tons and arm length up to 7 m. Our wall mounted jib cranes can be installed very close to the underside of the lowest obstruction and squeeze into the tightest plant, warehouse or other industrial space. So, the scope of available installation space is bigger. It can also offer maximum lift height for the hoist and greatest amount of clearance.

Wall mounted jib cranes


  • Ideal utilization of existing hall conditions
  • High quality steel
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent smooth running properties thanks to low moving mass
  • High working speed and positioning accuracy
  • It can sharply increase the productivity of the plant by working as a complement for overhead crane and gantry crane.
  • Our engineer can tailor this kind jib crane to meet the special capacities and longer spans.
  • The utilization rate of spacing is unrival high.
  • Offer the optimal highest hook position.

On-Site Installation or Remote Instruction Is Available

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