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Boat hoist (also called travel lift crane ),it is a kind of mobile lifting equipment used for handling and maintaining yachts. It is safe and reliable for lifting, has various steering methods, has its own power, and is flexible in maneuvering. It has multi-lifting point synchronous lifting, tire non-slip technology, synchronous detection and feedback control, flexible steering control, and complex road gantry internal force release technology.


Capacity t 300
Liffing speed(with load/without load) m/min 0~1/0~2
Walking speed (full load) m/min 0~25
Maximum climbing slope (full load) 4%
Diesel engine KW ≈154*2
Lifting mechanism/lifting point 4/32
Lifting belt length/single load m/t 20/20
Tires (quantity/specification) 16/24.00-49
Ground specific voltage MPa ≤1.2
Steering radius (in-place steering) m 14
Steering radius (Ackerman steering) m 25
Maximum hoisting ship type (length*width) m 40*12

Technical requirements

Boat lift crane complies with the GB/T 3811-2008《Crane Design Specifications》、GB6067.1-2010《Lifting machinery safety Regulations Part 1: General provisions》、GB/T 14406-2011《General purpose gantry crane》requirements.

Boat Hoists Drawing


  • Multi-lifting point arrangement, safe and reliable lifting, the spacing of each lifting point can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hulls.
  • Supports a variety of steering functions, with in-place rotation, Ackerman steering, and flexible maneuvering.
  • With multi-lifting point synchronous lifting, tire non-slip technology.
  • Synchronous detection and feedback control.
  • Can achieve stress relief in the gantry of complex pavement.
  • The main structure constitutes a “U”shaped structure, which can carry boats whose height exceeds the height of the carrier itself.
  • Lifting U-shaped design, one machine can be applied to multiple ship types.
  • Built-in power, full hydraulic drive control.
  • Does not hurt the surface paint of the yacht during hoisting
  • Real-time monitoring, safer for hoisting boats
  • Multi-layer protection, suitable for high-corrosion environments by the sea


  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Environmental protection
  • Small space required
  • Simple operation
  • Personalized design and color

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