Other Crane Parts


Hydraulic brakes is a mechanical part that stops or decelerates the moving parts in the machine. Commonly known as brakes. The brake is mainly composed of a frame, a braking part and a control device. Some brakes are also equipped with automatic adjustment devices for brake clearance.

In order to reduce the braking torque and structure size, the brake is usually installed on the high-speed shaft of the equipment, but large equipment with high safety requirements (such as mine hoists, elevators, etc.) should be installed on the low-speed shaft close to the working part of the equipment. superior. Some brakes are standardized and serialized, we have different brake brand and model for your selection.

Cable reel drum

Cable reel is a cable winding device that provides power supply, control power supply or control signal for large mobile equipment. It is widely used in gantry crane, port portal crane, container crane, ship loader, tower crane and other heavy machinery and equipment under similar working conditions.


Crane cables are mainly used for power and control cables to be installed in elevators, handling machines, vertical lifts, cranes, ports and other occasions, and are suitable for various weathers. Suitable for various electrical installations indoors or outdoors, dry or wet.

Crane Rail

The crane rail must be fixed on the runway beam or on the ground, when the crane is running, the rail cannot move horizontally and longitudinally, and the rail must be easy to adjust.

Crane rails include special rails, railway rails, square rails and P-type rails; square rails have relatively large wear on the wheels and have been rarely used; most cranes use P-type rails.


The motor used in the crane works intermittently. It is characterized by frequent starting, braking or reversal, and the size and direction of the load often change. Therefore, high mechanical strength and overload capacity are required to adapt to mechanical vibration shock. Cranes mainly use induction motors, including squirrel cage type and winding type. In addition, we also have a three-in-one geared motor. The insulation grades of motors are F and H. Insulation grade F is often used in the field where the ambient temperature is lower than 40°C, and insulation grade H is often used in the metallurgical field where the ambient temperature is lower than 60°C.

Overload Limiter

The crane overload limiter is designed for cranes and is widely used in the safety protection devices of bridge cranes to ensure the safety of cranes and operators. This product absorbs many advantages of the existing overload limiters on the market, By feeding back the force (weight sensor) of the lifting structure of the crane to the instrument for collection, comparison, reading, judgment, display the current weight and indicate the corresponding working conditions, and quickly cuts off the hoisting circuit of the crane hook after the rated weight is exceeded, so that the crane cannot lift heavy objects, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the crane and the operator. This series of devices have the characteristics of good performance, high reliability, light and convenient devices.

Radio Remote Control

Industrial wireless remote control is specially used to control engineering machinery or industrial equipment. Mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, papermaking, construction, fire fighting and construction machinery, etc., which use hoisting machinery and enable them to achieve remote control operations. Its effective control range is any position with a radius of 100 meters and is not affected by obstacles. The operator only needs to carry a light transmitter, walk around freely and choose the best (safe) visual position to perform the operation. Eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents caused by factors such as unclear vision, restricted line control, harsh environment or improper command and cooperation in the past. That guarantees safe operation and greatly improves production efficiency.

Rocker Radio Remote Control

The rocker-type radio remote control is mainly used to control more complex lifting machinery and equipment, such as the aerial platform equipment, that is, the lifting machinery controlled by the driver's cab, such as tower cranes, portal cranes, gantry cranes, overhead cranes, cranes, etc.


The reducer for crane is developed on the basis of medium hard tooth surface reducer for crane. QY series reducers include QYS (three fulcrum) and QYD (base type) hard tooth surface reducers for cranes. It has three levels, four levels and a combination of three and four levels The reducer for crane is welded with steel plate, the box body is annealed and stress relieved, the gear is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is carburized and quenched, and grinded. The product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.


Rope Guider

The rope guider is also called the rope arranging device. It is one of the accessories for electric hoist. Its function is to make the wire ropes neatly arranged on the drum to prevent the wire ropes from being chaotic and overlapping, which may cause mechanical failure and damage to the electric hoist.

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