5Ton European Single Girder Overhead Cranes For Sale to Zimbabwe

June 16, 2021

Dated on Nov. 9th, 2020, we received inquiry from Mr. Duncan, asking for a 5000kg electric overhead traveling crane, 5m lift, 16986mm span.

Replied Mr. Duncan's email and confirm all the information required, we prepare the HD European type singe girder overhead crane solution for the customer.

The hoist lifting motor is ABM brand
The hoist traversing motor is ABM brand
The crane long traveling motors are SEW band
The electric is Schneider brand
The VFD is also Schneider brand.
The control method of the crane is wireless remote control and pendant control.

Customer love this configuration very much, they think with international famous components, the product quality is reliable and when something of the crane is wrong, it is easy to replace the broken parts.

After price negotiation and workshop details confirmation, we signed the contract and received the payment for this order.
Production and delivery also went on smooth. Following are some processing pictures of the cranes:

1.Main beam 1   3.End beam
Main girders                                                                                         End carriages

2.After painting the main beam   4.After painting the end beam
Main girder after painting                                                                End carriages after painting

Following are some loading pictures

6.Packing photos 2   5.Packing photos 1

After delivery, we also provide customer the following documents, which will be very helpful when they received the cranes and make the installation.

The mechanism packing list;
The electrical packing list;
GA drawing of the crane;
Drawing for the crane main girder
Drawing for the end carriages
Complete diagram drawing of the crane and so on.

Whenever customer needed, DGCRANE is always here. From crane design to manufacture, crane installation and commissioning, we can provide all the services required.

Should you have any demands for cranes, contact us!

Zora Zhao

Expert in Overhead Crane/Gantry Crane/Jib Crane/Crane Parts Solutions

With 10+ years of experience in the Crane Overseas Export Industry, helped 10,000+ customers with their pre-sales questions and concerns, if you have any related needs, please feel free to contact me!

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