Different Types of Container Cranes, Shipyard Cranes, Cargo Cranes Used in Port, Harbor and Quay

Port transportation has always been an important part of global trade, in which cranes play a vital role. The use of cranes is not only limited to port loading and unloading, but also includes cargo transportation and ship maintenance.

Cranes are used in ports: port loading and unloading, cargo transportation, ship maintenance
Through this article, you can learn about the various cranes used in ports, and you can choose the right type of harbor crane according to your needs.

1Port Crane navigation chart scaled

Port cargo handling

Cranes play a key role in the port loading and unloading process. With the continuous growth of international trade, the port's cargo throughput is also increasing, the demand for cranes is increasingly strong.

Ship to shore crane

Ship to shore crane are specialized equipment used in container terminals for loading and unloading operations of container ships, generally installed on the shore of port terminals.

2Ship to shore crane


  • Variable amplitude
  • High working efficiency
  • The design, manufacture and inspection are in line with international standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS and GB.
  • Each organization adopts all-digital AC frequency conversion, P LC control speed regulation unique technology, flexible control, high precision.
  • And equipped with various specifications of single and double containers special spreader and optional electronic anti-shaking function.

Project Cases:

2 1Zhejiang Petrochemical Ship to shore crane Project 2 2Yichang Port Ship to shore crane Project
Zhejiang Petrochemical Ship to shore crane Project Yichang Port Ship to shore crane Project

Portal crane

3Portal Crane

Portal crane are mainly used for loading and unloading containers or bulk materials in ports with grabs or hooks.


  • Variable amplitude
  • High working speed
  • Equipped with interchangeable hooks, grabs and other spreaders, it can meet the requirements for loading and unloading different kinds of general cargo, bulk materials and containers in ports.

Project Cases:

3 Single Boom Portal crane for CCCC Second Navigation Bureau Project 3 New Dongyun Single Jib Portal crane 3 Export of four link Portal crane to Sulawesi Indonesia
Single Boom Portal crane for CCCC Second Navigation Bureau Project New Dongyun Single Jib Portal crane Export of four-link Portal crane to Sulawesi, Indonesia
3 Huanghua port project four link Portal crane
Huanghua port project four-link Portal crane

Wheel bucket stacker reclaimed

Wheel bucket stacker reclaimer are mainly used for loading and unloading bulk materials and small granular items on board ships.

4Wheel Bucket Stacker Reclaimer


  • High transport volume
  • Fast transportation speeds
  • Continuous feeding by means of a bucket wheel

Project Cases:

4 Luoyuan Bay Harbor Bucket Wheel stacker reclaimer
Luoyuan Bay Harbor Bucket Wheel stacker reclaimer

Screw ship unloader

Screw ship unloader is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk materials such as coal, cement, bulk grain, chemical fertilizer, potash and so on.

5Screw ship unloader


  • The operation process is carried out in a closed state, no dust pollution.
  • Smaller in size and weight than other continuous ship unloaders, but with higher energy consumption.

Project Cases:

5 Lianyungang screw ship unloader
Lianyungang screw ship unloader

Cargo transportation

Cranes play a vital role in the transportation of goods in the shipping industry. Cargo arrives at its destination from the port and needs to go through a variety of transportation links, in which cranes play a key role.

Rail mounted gantry cranes

Rail mounted container gantry cranes is used for lifting containers in inland terminals, container yards, railroad freight stations, coastal yards or frontier terminals.

6Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes


  • Adopting special container spreader, lifting 20, 40, 45 feet container.
  • The electric drive is all-digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control speed regulation, CMS intelligent monitoring management system, real-time monitoring of the equipment's operating status.
  • TContainer spreader can be designed with a rotating mechanism, which can make the container rotate arbitrarily to improve the loading and unloading efficiency and convenient loading and unloading.
  • The running mechanism of large and small vehicles adopts triple reducer, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • Various safety measures such as high wind alarm, anti-break axle, anti-tipping, etc. are complete.

Project Cases:

6 Export of rmg cranes gates to the port of Thailand 6 Lanzhou International Port Rail mounted gantry cranes
Export of rmg cranes gates to the port of Thailand Lanzhou International Port Rail mounted gantry cranes

Rubber tyred gantry crane

Rubber tyred container gantry crane is widely used in port terminals and container yards for lifting containers.

7rubber tyre gantry crane


  • Adopting special container spreader, it can lift 20', 40', 45' feet standard containers and hydraulic storage tanks.
  • The running mechanism of large and small vehicles adopts three-in-one reducer, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • The tires can realize 90° steering, and have the function of 20° or 45° tilting at the same time for the changing operation.

Project Cases:

7 Export to Kazakhstan RTGcontainer crane 7 Export Thailand rubber tyre gantry crane
Export to Kazakhstan RTGcontainer crane Export Thailand rubber tyre gantry crane

Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers usually undertake horizontal transportation from the quay front to the yard and stacking of containers at the yard.

8Straddle Carriers


  • Adopting advanced sensing system and monitoring system, it can independently complete the automatic identification, positioning, moving, loading and unloading of heavy containers.
  • It has the features of high lifting synchronization precision, stepless speed adjustable, strong overload capacity, etc., which can effectively improve the safety and efficiency of logistics operation.
  • It is capable of climbing steep slopes of 10% with full load!

Project Cases:

8 Shanghai Straddle Carriers
Shanghai Straddle Carriers

Reach stacker

Reach stacker are mainly used for stacking containers and horizontal transportation in terminals and depots.

9reach stacker


  • Flexible and easy to operate.
  • Good stability, low wheel pressure.
  • High number of stacking layers, high utilization rate of the yard
  • Specially designed for 20 feet and 40 feet international containers.

Project Cases:

9 Tianjin port reach stacker
Tianjin port reach stacker

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are mainly used to transport containers and other goods Fully intelligent terminals, unmanned

10Automated Guided Vehicles


  • Lightweight, flexible and convenient
  • Automatic identification, handling and positioning
  • Unattended

Project Cases:

10 Guangzhou Port AGVs
Guangzhou Port AGVs

Ship maintenance

In addition to their application in port handling and cargo transportation, cranes also play an important role in ship maintenance. Ship maintenance is an important part of guaranteeing ship safety and extending service life.

shipbuilding gantry crane

The shipbuilding gantry crane is specially designed for the transportation, docking and reversing of large hull segments in shipyards.

11shipbuilding gantry crane


  • It has various functions such as single hoisting, lifting hoisting, turning in the air, horizontal micro-rotation in the air and so on;
  • The upper trolley is equipped with double main hooks, which are placed on the two outer sides of the main beam;
  • The lower trolley has two main and vice hooks, placed in the center of the two main beams;
  • The upper and lower trolleys can cross each other's work;
  • All working organizations adopt frequency conversion speed control;
  • Rigid outrigger side of the main beam item surface with jib crane, in order to complete the upper and lower trolley maintenance operations;
  • In order to prevent storm attack, there are safe and reliable windproof devices such as rail clamp, lightning rod, anemometer and ground anchor.

Project Cases:

450 ton shipbuilding gantry crane

Mobil boat crane

Mobil boat crane are used for boat loading and launching operations and horizontal transportation on yachts and other small and medium-sized boats.

Boat Hoists1


  • Compact structure
  • The equipment is self-powered, working in the whole area without dead angle.
  • Multiple lifting points lifting or multiple equipment lifting, high synchronization, stable and reliable.
  • A variety of steering modes are used in combination, with straight, cross, diagonal, in-situ slewing, Ackerman steering, etc., which is highly efficient and energy-saving.
  • It can be applied to a variety of road conditions such as concrete road surface, gravel road surface, gravel road surface, etc. The articulated design of the gantry can eliminate the internal stress caused by the uneven road surface.
  • Self-folding device can be added according to special requirements to reduce the space occupation when idle and the convenience of transferring.

Project Cases:

12 1Mobil boat crane port of Bushehr in Iran
Mobil boat crane port of Bushehr in Iran

Shipyard Portal Cranes

Shipyard portal cranes are gantry cranes mounted on high gantries for lifting work in shipyards.

13Shipyard Portal Cranes


  • Large lifting capacity and large lifting heights.
  • Usually equipped with two or more lifting hooks.

Project Cases:

13 1Qinghai Shipyard Portal Crane
Qinghai Shipyard Portal Crane

Cranes are widely used in ports, not only play a key role in port loading and unloading and cargo transportation, but also provide convenience in ship maintenance. With the advancement of technology and the growth of demand, the application of cranes will become more and more extensive, and make a greater contribution to the development of the shipping industry.

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