Single Girder Eot Crane

Single girder eot cranes consist single bridge beam, two rails, end trucks, two runway beams and a hoist to lift the load that runs on the bridge beam. The end trucks run on the rails which are fixed on the runway beams. It is one of the most cost effective equipment for the medium and heavy loads. Single girder eot cranes offer the greatest flexibility for the cover area and the movement control. As is installing on the upper part of the factory, a single girder eot crane occupies the least floor space and meets the fewest number of obstacles in the range of the movement. After so many years' endeavor, our company has successfully get into the top-ranking single girder eot cranes manufacturer. Single girder eot crane can be modified to adapt the changing demands. The operation of this kind equipment is quite flexible. It also rather easy be tailored depend on the unique conditions of your plant and the variety of the productions and loads.

Benefits And Features
  • ross girder: welded box girder construction, high strength
  • End truck: welded box girder construction, torsionally rigid
  • Travel wheels: Surface hardened steel wheels, highly wear-resistant
  • Connections between the cross girder and end trucks – manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear
  • Optional hoist: Electric wire rope hoist Or Low headroom hoist for a higher lifting height
  • Power supply via Safety sliding contact line
  • Control pendant suspended for separate travel on the crane girder
  • Optional: radio remote control
  • Coating: customization. Usually Paint finish in golden yellow. Travel drives in azure blue.
single girder eot cranes
Advantages of eot crane from DGCRANE

Our company's single girder eot cranes are designed to meet a variety of different needs. They can offer excellent performance at the most cost effective without any compromise. With our advanced technology, our productions can transport the raw material to the precise position through gentle movement. To reduce the weight of the single girder eot crane itself, we adopt compact design to minimize the unnecessary weight. That means the higher efficiency to the crane and lower cost to you. Our single girder eot cranes will run better and run longer with very minimal service!

What should pay attention to?
  • To ensure the safety of the equipment and operator, during the period of using, the instructions along with the productions should be observed.
  • Make sure the load that will be lifted is in crane's safe load range. Never exceed the prescriptive maximum load capacity.
  • Move the load gently and smoothly. Sharp, jerky movement should be avoided. When an emergency appears, the operator could have time to deal with it.
  • Before the start of the movement, the space in the range of the movement should be clear. No person and no obstruction are allowed.
  • Horizontal movement must also begin slowly to prevent the load from swinging or coming into contact with other obstacles.
  • The single girder eot cranes should always be closely supervised during the working time. Do not leave the crane alone without attended.
  • After a period of working, the crane and its components should be inspected. The time interval between the inspections depends on the practical usage.

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