Crane Spreader

Lifting spreader, is the device for lifting heavy objects in lifting machinery. The most commonly used slings are special riggings such as hooks, wire ropes, and chains. Electromagnet, clamps and forks can be used as special spreaders on cranes for a long time, and can also be temporarily used as replaceable auxiliary spreaders on hooks, to improve work efficiency. The spreader for grabbing bulk materials is generally a grab bucket with jaws that can be opened and closed, and electromagnetic can also be used to absorb magnetically conductive materials such as metal chips. The commonly used slings for hoisting fluid materials are buckets and slings. Generally, molten steel or chemical solution is discharged by tilting or bottoming plugs, and fluid materials such as concrete are discharged by opening the bottom door of the suspending tank.

The spreaders mainly include chain spreaders, clamp spreaders, electromagnetic, etc.

C-hook spreader

C-hook spreader is one of the necessary lifting tools for steel mills, cold-rolled sheet production and processing enterprises, storage and transportation warehouses and other workplaces that use horizontal steel coils.

C-hook spreader is mostly used for lifting steel coils, aluminum coils, copper coils, wire rods and other coils; C-hook spreader is divided into veneer type (used in machine slot), I type, box type, cylindrical type (Apply to wire hoisting). According to user needs, the C-hook spreader can add protective measures at the contact position between the spreader and the objects to be lifted, such as: rubber, nylon board, aluminum board, polyurethane, rubber pad and so on.

Clamp spreader

Clamp spreader is a tool used for clamping, fastening, or hoisting. It is widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, and other industries.

Container spreader

Container spreader is a special spreader for loading and unloading containers. It is connected to the top corner fittings of the container through the twist locks at the four corners of the beam at the end, and the opening and closing of the twist locks are controlled by the driver to carry out container loading and unloading operations.

Electric rotating telescopic clamp spreader

The electric rotary telescopic clamp spreader is suitable for clamping sleeves, steel coils, coils and other cylindrical bodies. It can be rotated freely within the range of 0-270 degrees. The clamp height and opening can be determined according to the parameters of the steel coil (inner diameter, outer diameter, length).

Electric telescopic clamp consists of rotating lifting lug, clamp leg, clamp leg drive system, electrical and electrical control system, cable reel and other parts.

The expansion and contraction of the clamp is mainly completed by the principle of rack and pinion transmission, with compact structure, accurate clamping, convenient operation, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and strong applicability.


Electromagnets for cranes are suitable for transferring ingots, steel balls and various steel chips. Round lifting magnets can handle waste continuously throughout the day. It is used in metal fabrication plants to lift and transport steel parts, forgings, castings, plates, booms, channels, angles, bars and rods. They save time and effort because they lift steel faster and more easily than any other mechanical device.

Grab Bucket

Grab bucket is a special tool for cranes to grab dry bulk cargo. The container space is composed of two or more openable and closable bucket-shaped jaws. When loading, the jaws are closed in the material pile, and the material is caught into the container space. When unloading, the jaws are in the material pile. It is opened under the suspended state, and the material is scattered on the material pile. The opening and closing of the jaw plate is generally controlled by the wire rope of the crane hoisting mechanism. Grab bucket operation does not require heavy manual labor, which can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety. It is the main dry bulk cargo handling tool in ports. According to the type of cargo, it can be divided into ore grabs, coal grabs, grain grabs, timber grabs, etc.

Ladle spreader

Ladle spreader is mainly used for hoisting tundish, molten iron tank and ladle in various steel plants. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability. The beam body is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel with high strength and high temperature resistance. The hook body is spliced and riveted by steel plate, which has high strength and flexibility. At the same time, the hook body can rotate freely from front to back, left to right, which is easy to hook.

Metallurgical spreader

Metallurgical spreader is mainly used for horizontal hoisting of molten steel in metallurgical industry. Spreader is one of the commonly used tools for lifting heavy objects. At present, the lifting of molten steel ladle in the metallurgical industry is generally completed by spreader. The metallurgical spreader used in the industry can facilitate the lifting of molten steel and other materials.

Rotate lifting beam

Rotate lifting beam is suitable for loading, unloading and handling steel plate, section steel, coil and other materials in indoor or outdoor fixed spans such as steel factory, storage yard and storage. It is especially suitable for lifting occasions with different specifications and horizontal rotation. Special slings such as electromagnetic and clamps can be carried under the lifting beam.

Vacuum lifter

Vacuum suction cup is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment. The suction cup material is made of nitrile rubber and has large breaking force. Therefore, it is widely used in various vacuum suction equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries, to realize the task of absorbing and transporting thin and light articles such as glass and paper. Vacuum suction cup is also called vacuum spreader and vacuum suction nozzle. Generally, using vacuum suction cup to grasp products is the cheapest method.

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