Container Straddle Carrier

Container straddle carrier (straddlecarrier for short) is suitable for ports and terminals, transporting containers from the front to the yard or quasi containers in the yard for transportation, handling and loading and unloading. Supported on rubber tires, it is often powered by diesel generator, or battery + small power generator set hybrid power. It is composed of large vehicle mechanism, steering mechanism, gantry, power system, shock absorption and energy storage system, and special container spreader. The design, manufacture and inspection are in accordance with the latest domestic and international standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS and GB.

The straddlecarrier is characterized by various functions, high efficiency, stability and reliability, wide operation range, good maneuverability, high speed, and convenient use, maintenance and repair. It is equipped with functions such as straight line, inclined line, Ackerman steering, etc. It has perfect safety indication and overload protection device to ensure the safety of operators and equipment to the maximum extent. The electrical drive adopts full digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control constant power speed regulation and other technologies, with flexible control and high precision.

The straddle carrier adopts advanced sensing system and monitoring system, which can independently complete the automatic identification, positioning, movement, loading and unloading of heavy containers, with high lifting synchronization precision, stepless speed adjustability, strong overload capacity and other features, which can effectively improve the safety and efficiency of logistics operations. Compared with the traditional tire crane's 3% climbing degree, the new generation of straddle carriers can climb 10% steep slope with full load, which is a strong ability!

Product Features

Straddle carrier are personalized according to customer needs, all-round fit for the container handling environment, the appearance is exquisite, the whole vehicle in the design of the more multi-functional integration, pay more attention to the flexibility and safety:

  • Compact body, flexible steering
    • It can move freely in and out of the workshop, especially suitable for the narrow space with limited width and height. It is especially suitable for narrow spaces with limited width and height, such as factory workshops, stockyards and logistics parks.
    • It can realize a variety of steering modes, such as steering in straight line and walking, steering in traverse and walking, diagonal line, in-situ 360-degree steering, Ackerman steering, etc. It can make turns smoothly and without pressure.
  • Both near and far, agile driving
    There are two operation modes: cab and wireless remote control, and the two operation modes can be switched at any time.
  • Multi-layer protection, preventing danger before it occurs
    • Safe operation system: the main system can be quickly switched to the emergency system when it fails. The emergency system can fulfill the functions of safe falling of containers and low speed driving of trans-shipment trucks with no load.
    • Protection system: radar anti-collision, video monitoring and alarm, dangerous area warning, overload protection, over-voltage protection, anti-skidding stall, stepless speed change, automatic pressure preservation and so on.
    • Container anti-swinging device: no swinging of the container during traveling, especially when climbing the slope, to ensure the smoothness and safety of the straddle carrier.
Main Technical Parameters
Rated lifting capacity (t) 35 41
Base distance (m) 6.5 7
Inner width/Outer width (m) 3.5/5.5 3.5/6
Lifting height (m) 9.5/12.2 9.5/12.2
Stach layers 2/3 2/3
Container specification 20′, 40′ 20′, 40′
Speed Hoisting(full load/empty load)(m/min) 15/25 15/25
Gantry Traveling(full load/empty load)(km/m) 15/20 15/20
Spreader Rotation ±5° ±5°
Translation ±200mm ±200mm
Outer turning diameter of wheel (m) 9.5 10
Wheel Numbers 4 8
Drive mode Electric drive Electric drive
Brake mode Electrohydraulic Electrohydraulic
Installed power ~270kW ~300kW
Maximun Wheel Load(kN) 220kN 180kN
Power Supply Diesel generator set, batteries
The items listed in above technical parameter table are for reference.

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