Crane Sheaves

Pulleys are generally used for guidance and support to change the direction of the rope and its transmission force and balance the tension of the rope branch; it has a wide range of applications in crane transportation equipment.


For pulleys used in crane transportation and other handling equipment, because of the difference in equipment industry and mining, and the diameter of the suitable wire rope, the material and diameter of the pulley will be very different.

In order to play a labor-saving role in the equipment, there are many kinds of wire rope winding methods, so the pulley is generally used in groups in the equipment. Fixed pulley block, movable pulley block and balance pulley block are products often used in equipment.


Classified by material: cast iron, cast steel, steel plate, forged steel, nylon.
Classified by forming method: casting pulley, forging pulley, welding pulley.
Classified by usage: For general cranes, port cranes, ships, all terrain cranes (cranes), etc.

Detailed description of use:

  • General cranes generally use cast iron, cast steel, and rolling 3 types.
  • Port cranes generally use rolled pulleys, forged pulleys, and nylon pulleys.
  • Marine pulleys generally multiple rolling pulleys, cast pulleys.
  • All-terrain cranes generally use rolling pulleys, nylon pulleys.

A Standard Crane Sheaves Will Be Produced in 20 Days.

Tips:1.Compared with cast steel pulley and cast iron pulley: the roll sheave rope groove is rolled by a mold, which saves raw materials and has high dimensional accuracy; The raw material is steel plate with high strength and excellent performance; It has less defects and beautiful appearance.
2. Compared with forged pulley, rolled pulley is made of steel plate with low cost; Compared with the repeated heating forging of forged pulley, its process cost is lower; In terms of processing, compared with forging pulley's more processing time, and rolling pulley only needs simple mechanical processing to become finished product; The mechanical properties are slightly lower than forging pulley, however, when the product satisfies the design and use, the rolling pulley is more excellent overall.

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