FEM Standard Wire Rope Electric Hoists

European type electric wire rope hoist adopts the European FEM design standards with the advanced concept, beautiful appearance. It is with compact reasonable structure. The operation is simple, convenient and working is safe and efficient, and it meets low noise, energy-saving and environment protection requirements.

  • Lifting Capacity: 3.2ton-80ton
  • Lifting height: max stroke of the hook is 100m
  • Working class/duty group: M5
  • Power supply: 380V/3Ph/50Hz or according to customer's local industry voltage
  • Control voltage: 48V
  • Work environment temperature: -25℃~+40℃, relative humidity ≤85%
  • Control mode: Pendant control / remote control


The hoisting mechanism of the European type electric wire rope hoist adopts planetary gears, which has a compact and light structure and is installed in the reel, effectively reducing the overall size of the hoist. The design of the European type electric wire rope hoist adopts modular design to the greatest extent, and the degree of commonality of the components is high.

Its design standard adopts European FEM standard, hoisting speed, traversing speed and other parameters are more user-friendly.

The design has a slow speed, accurate positioning, suitable for installation and maintenance; the design has a fast speed, which makes the electric hoist more efficient and more convenient.


  • Steel structure optimization design
  • Low self-weight, small wheel load
  • Small blind spot
  • Advance welding technical, high rigidity, low loss
  • Free maintenance design
  • High working efficiency and energy-saving


Compared with the traditional electric wire rope hoist, the structure of European type hoist is more reasonable and the technology is more advanced. So this type of hoists is more and more widely used and will be the development tendency. In order to stand out in the group of electric wire rope hoist suppliers, we constantly improve the technology to produce high level hoist to be aligned with the world.

Here comes some main features:

  • Capacity: 1.6~12.5 tons
  • Hoisting speed: 1.6,1.0 m/min
  • Travel speed: 2~20 m/min
  • Duty group: H4
  • Modularized Drive Units
  • With Hardened Face Gear
  • Frequency Converting Control
  • Easy maintenance


While the expensvie price (sometimes, nearly even ten times costs as much as the coressponding common hoists) make it unavailable for many factory with limited budget. Now things will be different!

  • In quality – To ensure the technology and quality in line with the top-level products from the world famous wire rope hoist suppliers. The core hoisting and the travelling units are imported from the most famous company. So it has almost the same quality and even better.
  • In price – Through our cost control, we make it a surprise for you as electric wire rope hoist suppliers. Yes, you can get the best hoists at a very preferential price!


Lifting Drive Unit
  • Three-in-one design of gearbox, hoisting motor and brake
  • Large lifting torque, small size, stable operation, small impact
  • Low noise, low energy consumption, long service life
  • The continuous power connection rate reaches 60%, meeting the needs of high-frequency material handling
Trolley Travel Drive Unit

Hoist traversing gear motor

  • Three-in-one trolley drive unit, compact structure
  • Running smoothly
  • Aluminum alloy shell, fast heat dissipation, long service life
  • VFD/Inverter control, low noise
  • Stable start-up and braking, low-impact
  • The brake disc does not contain asbestos
  • Use Q355 seamless steel pipe as raw material
  • Rope groove depth meets FEM standards
  • High-strength pressure plate and bolts confine the end of the wire rope to ensure the safety of lifting
Electric Control Box

Hoist electric control box

Reasonable design and convenient maintenanceMultiple safety protection devices to ensure the safe operation The components are arranged neatly and the wire number is clear, easy troubleshooting

Lifting Height Limiter

Load lifting limiter

The limiter has high precision, wide adjustment range, safe and reliable

Wire Rope Guide

Wire rope guide and lifting height limiter

Light weight, good abrasion resistance, effectively reducing the abrasion of the wire rope

Prevent wire rope skipping, loose rope, falling out of groove, etc.

High Performance Steel Wire Rope
  • Imported high-performance steel wire rope, the tensile strength reaches 2160Mpa
  • Surface galvanized treatment, anti-corrosion
  • Good flexibility, abrasion resistance and long service life
Hook Group


DIN standard hook with safety buckle and wire rope sheath

T-class high-strength forged hook

Security Monitor

Safe and practical, man-machine friendly interface, simple operation

Monitor and record information such as the number of overloads in the hoist running time, convenient for maintenance

Types of Cranes for Different Working Conditions

European type electric wire rope hoist

Widely used in kinds of occasions.
Suitable for single girder overhead crane, single girder gantry crane, monorail crane and jib cranes


European type hoist trolley

The European type hoist trolley is equipped with gear motors for trolley traversing, usually its suitable for cranes with big lifting capacity.
Suitable for double girder overhead cranes, double girder gantry cranes  

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