European Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Compared with the traditional electric wire rope hoist, the structure of European type hoist is more reasonable and the technology is more advanced. So this type of hoists is more and more widely used and will be the development tendency. In order to stand out in the group of electric wire rope hoist suppliers, we constantly improve the technology to produce high level hoist to be aligned with the world.

Here comes some main features:

  • Capacity: 1.6~12.5 tons
  • Hoisting speed: 1.6,1.0 m/min
  • Travel speed: 2~20 m/min
  • Duty group: H4
  • Modularized Drive Units
  • With Hardened Face Gear
  • Frequency Converting Control
  • Easy maintenance

While the expensvie price (sometimes, nearly even ten times costs as much as the coressponding common hoists) make it unavailable for many factory with limited budget. Now things will be different!

  • In quality – To ensure the technology and quality in line with the top-level products from the world famous wire rope hoist suppliers. The core hoisting and the travelling units are imported from the most famous company. So it has almost the same quality and even better.
  • In price – Through our cost control, we make it a surprise for you as electric wire rope hoist suppliers. Yes, you can get the best hoists at a very preferential price!

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Featured Components
  • Modularized Drive Units With Hardened Face Gear, Frequency Converting Control
  • Brake With Wear Automatic Detection Module
  • Hoisting motorModularized Hoisting Units With Hardened Face Gear, Frequency Converting Control
  • High strength lifting hookHigh strength lifting hook with Germany DIN Standard
  • Electrical cabinet in hoistReasonable Wiring, Long Life Schneider Electrics
  • Aviation Plugs ConnectionAviation Plugs Connection, Easy Installation
  • Lifting Height Limit SwitchFour Stage Adjustable Lifting Height Limit Switch
  • Intelligent Working Data RecorderIntelligent Working Data Recorder

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