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Eot Cranes


The eot cranes are cranes that traveling along a bridge between two parallel runways that supported by the structures of the factories themselves. The hoist and the trolley are placed on the bridge beam. They move the loads up and down as well traveling along the beam as right and left. Through the end trucks travels along the runway system, the eot crane moves the load forward and backward. So, the eot crane offers three axes of hook motion and can move the load with no limitation in a rectangular area. Same as other famous eot cranes manufacturers, we try our best to provide the high quality cranes. Our eot cranes are available in top running and under running, single and double girder configurations. Every variety of eot cranes owns irreplaceable advantages. Top running eot crane is the most common style. But when the height of the factory is limited, to get the maximized lifting height, the under running eot is the better solution to solve this problem. Because of the more rigid structure, the load ability of double girder eot crane is better than single girder. Generally, eot crane can be used at any capacities for load movement.

eot cranes

What is the advantage of eot crane?

  • Eot crane can provide three axes of hook motion and cover a large rectangle area. The area can increase by prolong the length of end trucks.
  • Installed in the upper part of the plant, it take little floor space. The possibility that need of forklifts and meet obstacle is reduced. This in turn improve the safety and efficient.
  • It is typically adapted to harsh and heavy load environments, such as steel industry, the paper industry, power generation and refineries.
  • With the favorable structure, eot crane need less maintenance compared to other kind of lifting equipment. It is more cost effective.

If you are confused at the different kinds of crane and the difference between them, just tell us what you need instead of which type of crane you need.

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