Boat Jib Crane

Boat Jib Crane can easily control ships, and mooring ships in docks and docks can relieve the pressure at critical moments.

The DGCRANE Boat Jib Crane program provides the ideal solution for each purpose.With the DGCRANE yacht crane, your work is safe and you can lift yachts weighing up to 300t without causing any damage.

Boat Jib Crane Boat Jib Crane2

Boat Jib Crane(Davit crane for boat) eliminates the need for the traditional wire rope power system usually used on such cranes. Use two hydraulic cylinders to pull the cables to different pulleys to achieve lifting.


Model 20T 30T 40T
Capacity 20ton/100tm 30ton/180tm 40ton/210tm
Rotation 360º/limited 360º/ request 360º/ request 360º/ request
Crane boom length 9.100 mm 9.100 mm 10.300 mm 10.300 mm
LIfting height crane hook(s).(seperate height adjustment) 7.000mm 7.000mm 7.450mm
Flight 5.000mm 6.000mm 5.250mm
Sling adjustment 2,6-4 mtr 3,5-5 mtr 3,2-5,5 mtr
Lifting speed 1,0 or 3,5 m/min 1,0 or 3,5 m/min 1,0 or 3,5 m/min
Rotation speed 0,25 rpm 0.2 rpm 0,3 rpm
Power E-motor 15 kW 22 kW 22 kW
Power 400 V, 40A 400 V, 63A 63A
Control until radio remote radio remote radio remote
Beam 4.500 mm 5.000 mm 5.500 mm
Options 20T 30T 40T
Hoisting speed without load 8 m/min OPT OPT OPT
1000kg Mast crane winch capacity 1000kg OPT OPT OPT
Mast crane jib length with maximum length of 7.000 mm OPT OPT OPT
Working lights consisting of two revolving lamps,each 70w(24v) OPT OPT OPT
Farme galvanized OPT OPT OPT
Paint on top galvanized structure OPT OPT OPT

Boat Jib Crane Drawing 

Boat Jib Crane Drawing2


  • Designed and built with simplicity of use and service in mind
  • Lifting and flight adjustment are carried out through hydraulic cylinders
  • The front and rear slings are operated separately to maintain the balance of the ship
  • Standard radio remote control


  • Can achieve one-to-one tailor-made solutions
  • Low labor cost, easy to operate by one person
  • No old-fashioned cable lifting system
  • The crane hook can be lifted and lowered at the same time through four hydraulic cylinders to achieve a uniform balance of the keel
  • The sling has been adjusted and adjusted
  • Compared with traditional electric static cranes, the service life is extended by 30%
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs%

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