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The gantry cranes are heavy cranes typically used to load and unload heavy items on docks and in rail yards or factories. As one of the most experienced gantry cranes manufacturers, we can produce different specifications of crane.

Which is better? Gantry Crane Or Overhead Crane

There will never be a proper answer to this question, while there will always a most suitable crane for you. Read further about this when you come across this puzzle. Due to the cost of the equipment, gantry cranes are usually more expensive than corresponding overhead cranes. While, in some case, gantry crane price is more cost efficient.

  • The house is not prepared for the runway structure or the situation is not suitable for building the column of the runway structure. Although the gantry cranes are not the best choice used indoor, sometimes they are the best solutions. It will save you much of your money.
  • In the near future, you need to use the crane in another place or you will use the crane in different places. Gantry crane is free standing by itself, there is no need of the runway structure.
  • You are in a rent workshop. The building of the overhead crane runway structure is impractical. So the gantry crane may be the only choice for you.
  • You need to handling the loads inside and outside of your workshop. The overhead crane is not proper for you especially when the distance outside of your workshop is long.
Double girder gantry cranex
DGCRANE thinks for you

Just as shown in the picture above. In a well built factory, while not well prepared for the runway structure of overhead crane, we suggested to use the gantry cranes. To cope with the lifting height limits, we move the hoist at side of the cross girder, and then the lifting height is well improved. In DGCRANE, our engineer will think for you, every crane solution is unique, and is more proper for you.

High quality for you

We will never let a low quality crane slowdown your production efficiency and ruin the Brand of DGCRANE. We only sell the high quality crane with a proper price that really deserve it.

Reasonable price for you

Due to the strict quality control of our factory, our cranes will never the cheapest. While, compared with the European products, our gantry crane price will be a surprise for you (Mainly because of the low labor cost, you know it).

If you are confused at the different kinds of crane and the difference between them, just tell us what you need instead of which type of crane you need.

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