Unlocking the Secrets of Overhead Crane Pricing: 10 Minutes to Be a Savvy Buyer

how much is a overhead crane

During the planning phase of your factory, budgeting is undoubtedly a key concern, and as an integral part of your industrial facility, the procurement of overhead cranes can be a complex and time-consuming process, often requiring extensive inquiries and comparisons. Not to worry, here we can assist you in understanding and estimating the cost components involved in this process, providing you with a clearer grasp of overhead crane pricing. When it comes to overseas procurement of overhead cranes, the primary cost components include:

  • Product Price: This forms the core cost of purchasing the overhead crane.
  • Transportation Costs/Insurance: Transporting the overhead crane from its place of production to your destination requires consideration of transportation costs.
  • Installation Costs: The installation of the overhead crane requires skilled labor and equipment.
  • Third-Party Inspection (Optional): In some cases, third-party inspection of the overhead crane may be necessary to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. This may entail additional expenses.

Below, we will break down these various aspects to help you quickly grasp the pricing of overhead cranes and provide you with a price reference for your specific needs.

Product Price of Overhead Cranes

The product price of an overhead crane needs to be considered in conjunction with your factory and working conditions. The price of an overhead crane is calculated based on actual parameters:

OverheadCrane schema.jpeg

  • Lifting capacity: Relates to the choice of electric hoist configuration.
  • Span (S): Relates to the fabrication of the main beam, primarily the cost of steel materials.
  • Lifting height (H): Relates to the length of wire rope/chain.
  • Power supply: Relates to the selection of electrical equipment.
  • Crane traveling length (L): Relates to the layout and planning of the power supply system, as well as the quantity of equipment on a set of running tracks.
  • Detailed working conditions of the crane: Relates to the selection of hoisting equipment and sometimes the fabrication process of the main beam.
  • How many hours does the crane need to work each day: Can help better match the type of equipment suitable for your work level.
  • Shall we provide you the crane traveling rails? Overhead cranes must be operated on railway, we can also provide the rails.
  • Other requirements: Special requirements can help us better plan detailed solutions.

Due to the many uncertainties mentioned above, there can be significant price variations. However, we can still provide you with a price reference table for common single girder overhead cranes.

Single Girder Overhead Crane Price List (Reference)

Single Girder Overhead Crane Span/m Lifting Height/m Power Supply Voltage Price/USD
1T 7.5-28.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $1,830-5,100
2T 7.5-28.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $2,000-5,900
3T 7.5-37.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $2130-15,760
5T 7.5-37.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $3,130-16,760
10T 7.5-37.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $3,890-20,000
16T 7.5-37.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $4,180-23,400
20T 7.5-37.5 6-30 220-480/3/50 $7,100-28,600
Note: Updated on September 2023, Industrial Machinery products are subject to market changes and are for reference only

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Transportation Prices of Overhead Cranes

We are a Chinese trading company, and there are many transportation options from China to different countries. Common modes of transportation include sea freight, land freight, air freight, and multimodal transportation. Regardless of the transportation mode, there are various options for cargo transfer and delivery, and you might find terms like EXW/FOB/CIF on quotations confusing. Here, we have created an infographic to help you quickly understand these international trade terms.


Incoterms (Part)

  • EXW: EX Works. When a seller makes a product available at a designated location, and the buyer of the product must cover the transport costs.
  • FCA: Free Carrier. Mean a seller of goods is responsible for the delivery of those goods to a destination specified by the buyer. When used in trade, the word "free" means the seller has an obligation to deliver goods to a named place for transfer to a carrier.
  • FOB: Free on Board. When the ownership of goods transfers from buyer to seller and who is liable for goods damaged or destroyed during shipping. "FOB Origin" means the buyer assumes all risk once the seller ships the product.
  • CFR: Cost and Freight. Under CFR terms, the seller is required to clear the goods for export, deliver them onboard the ship at the port of departure, and pay for transport of the goods to the named port of destination. The risk passes from seller to buyer when the seller delivers the goods onboard the ship.
  • CIF: Cost, insurance, and freight. CI is an international shipping agreement used when freight is shipped via sea or waterway. Under CIF, the seller is responsible for covering the costs, insurance, and freight of the buyer's shipment while in transit.
  • CPT: Carriage Paid To is an international trade term that means the seller delivers the goods at their expense to a carrier or another person nominated by the seller. The seller assumes all risks, including loss, until the goods are in the care of the nominated party.
  • CIP: Carriage and Insurance Paid To is an Incoterm where the seller is responsible for the delivery of goods to an agreed destination in the buyers country, and must pay for the cost of this carriage.

Detailed trade terms reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms

For different projects, we can provide a variety of transportation trade options, the exact choice depends on you, do you want to save more money? Or do you want to save more time? We have rich experience in dealing with these issues and can help you. Because of the complexity and diversity of the transportation solutions, the transportation price of bridge cranes can not be listed like a menu, but we will give you some actual cases at the end of this page for your reference, If you still have questions about the transportation price of bridge cranes, you can contact us at any time!

Installation Prices of Overhead Cranes

Installation Prices

The Least Expensive Installation Option (Almost 0)

Please note that choosing this option requires having professional installers within your factory or team, as well as the necessary lifting equipment for installing the overhead crane. We will provide installation documents, videos, infographics, and other reference materials for your convenience, and this assistance is entirely free of charge. While specific equipment considerations may vary, your sales representative will closely monitor the progress of your project throughout.

The Most Hassle-free Installation Solution

We offer on-site engineer deployment services to provide installation guidance. You will need to provide the necessary equipment and installation workers. With on-site guidance, you can avoid many unnecessary trial-and-error efforts, making the installation process more convenient and efficient. The additional costs associated with this service include engineer visa fees, round-trip airfare, meals, accommodation, self-security, and a salary of $200/day per person.

In addition to the above two options, you can also find a local professional installation team, the specific price will vary from market to market. In addition, we have some cooperative installation teams in certain countries, if you are not familiar with this area we can also help you contact.

Other Options for Overhead Crane Prices: Third-party Inspection Costs


If your project must have testing requirements, or when the testing is important to you, we will cooperate with the related work, The testing organizations we support are SGS/BV/TÜV, etc.

About price, because different components or products need to be tested in different time periods, the reference price for bridge crane inspection is usually $540/day (including travel), if you still have questions about the price, you can contact us directly or visit their official website to get more related information.

In Conclusion

Regarding the price of the overhead crane, it is simply understood that it is:

Product price + Transportation price and insurance + Installation price (optional) + Third party certification price (optional)

Here are some examples for your reference:

Client Country Product Information EXW Price/USD Inland transportation cost&port charge Port of departure / destination Sea freight cost Grand Total Installation Cost/Available Options Testing costs
Visa Fees Round-trip airfare Engineer’s salary Total
Egypt 1 set LD type Single Girder Overhead Crane
Lifting capacity: 5ton
Span length: 15m
Lifting height: 6 m
Duty group: A3
Hoisting speed: 8 m/min
Hoist traveling speed: 20 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 20m/min
Power source: 3Ph, 380V, 50Hz
Control mode: Pendant control+remote control
Crane traveling rail system
$8,260 $800 Qingdao port to Alexander port $2,400 CIF $11,460 $180 $2,080 $1,400 $3,600 $1,060
Iraqi LD model single girder overhead crane
Safe working load: 10T;
Lifting height: 7m
Main lifting speed: 0.7/7 m/min
Trolley traveling speed: 20 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 20 m/min
Control mode: Pendant +Radio remote control
Power supply:380v 50hz 3ph
Duty group: A3
LH model double girder overhead crane
Safe working load: 15T;
Lifting height: 5m
Main lifting speed: 1.8 m/min
Trolley traveling speed: 17m/min
Crane traveling speed: 20 m/min
Control mode: Pendant +Radio remote control
Power supply:380v 50hz 3ph
Duty group: A3
$54,856 $2,800 Qingdao port to Umqasir port $5,600 CFR $63,256 $2,200 $1,628 $2,000 $5,828 /
Saudi Arabia 2 sets LD type Single Girder Overhead Crane
Safe working load: 10T
Lifting height:8m
Lifting speed: 7m/min
Traveling & traversing speed: 20m/min
Industrial working voltage:380v /50hz/ 3ph
Control method: control pendent
Crane traveling rail system
$26,880 $1,300 Qingdao port to Jeddah port $3,600 CIF $31,780 / /
Georgia 3sets LD type Single Girder Overhead Crane
Safe working load: 1 set 10T& 2 sets 5T;
Lifting height: 9m
Lifting speed: 7m/min
Traversing speed: 20m/min
Traveling speed: 20m/min
Industrial working voltage:380v /50hz/ 3ph
Control method: control pendent
Crane traveling rail system
$26,045 $1,300 Qingdao port to Poti port $4,100 CIF $31,445 / /
Chile 1 set HD Euro-type single girder overhead crane
Safe working load: 5T;
Lifting height: 11m
Main lifting speed: 5/0.8 m/min
Cross traveling speed: 2-20 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 3-30 m/min
Control mode: Pendant control+remote control
Power supply: 380v 50hz 3ph
Duty group: ISO M5(FEM 2M)
$10,306 $1,300 Qingdao port to San Antonio port $2,500 CIF $14,106 / /
Vietnam LD single girder overhead crane
Lifting capacity: 10ton
Span length: 11m
Lifting height: 6 m
Duty group: A3
Power source: 3Ph, 380V, 60Hz
Hoisting speed: 7 m/min
Hoist traveling speed: 20m/min
Crane traveling speed: 20m/min
Control mode: Pendant control + remote control
Crane traveling rail system
$6,913 $800 / / FOB $7,713 / /

While the examples listed above all depart from Qingdao Port, we also support other Chinese ports such as Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, and more. However, Tianjin and Qingdao are closer to our factory, which can help you save on some of the inland transportation costs within China. As for the destination port, we can deliver to any navigable port of your choice.

Now, do you have a better understanding of bridge crane prices? Keep in mind that the prices provided here are approximate references. The specific cost for your project will depend on your unique requirements. If you have any specific needs, please feel free to contact our professional engineering team!

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