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DGCrane manufactures a wide variety of overhead cranes, from basic standard models to unique models customized for the most demanding lifting conditions. Our automated cranes can make your life easier.

We mainly produce two types of automated cranes. One is a semi-automatic crane, which is equipped with several functions to assist the operator, but requires more manual control. The other is a fully automatic crane, which requires only operator set-up to automate repetitive or complex operations. This is especially important in severe conditions and hazardous environments.

Automated overhead cranes not only reduce labor costs, track inventory information, optimize storage options, reduce production losses, increase productivity, but also cut capital costs associated with forklift systems. Some common application areas include steel coil and paper coil handling, waste-to-energy, shipbuilding, container handling, food production, metalworking and general manufacturing.

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QD double girder overhead crane

QD model double-girder bridge crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, crane traveling mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. It is suitable for transfer, assembly, maintenance and loading and unloading of machining workshop, auxiliary workshop of metallurgical plant, warehouse, stockyard, power station, etc. operations; also suitable for production workshops in the textile industry, chemical and food industries. Its working level can be divided into light, medium and heavy according to the use frequency. The working environment temperature is -25°C-40°C, and it is forbidden to use it in the environment of flammable, explosive and corrosive media.

QZ Grab Overhead Crane

Grab crane is a lifting machine equipped with a grab, which is widely used in ports, docks, station yards, mines, etc. to load various bulk cargo, logs, minerals, coal, sand and gravel, earth and stone, etc. Grab crane is an automatic picking machine. Its grasping and unloading actions are controlled by the ship unloader driver, and no auxiliary personnel are needed, thus avoiding the heavy labor of workers, saving auxiliary work time, and greatly improving the Loading and unloading efficiency.

The layout design of garbage crane is composed of grab, drum device, traveling device, power distribution device, weighing device and control equipment. Its type is bridge crane, and the crane grab is multi disc hydraulic grab. It is designed to be used for heavy-duty operation in dusty air. It has the functions of automatic peeling, metering, pre alarm and overload protection, and can display, count and record various feeding parameters in the crane control room.

NLH double girder overhead crane

NLH electric hoist double girder overhead crane is designed and manufactured according to the advanced European FEM standard. The overall technical level has reached the international advanced leading level. The crane steel structure is reasonably designed, structurally optimized, conforms to codes and standards, and meets the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability. The working environment on site is fully considered in the design; the design of the steel structure takes into account the convenience and possibility of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance. Under the conditions of meeting the requirements and relevant current specifications and standards, the weight of the steel structure is minimized through optimization design methods such as finite edge analysis. The hoist trolley adopts ND type wire rope electric hoist trolley, and the rated lifting capacity is 3.2~80t.

BZD floor mounted jib crane

BZD type floor mounted jib crane is a kind of crane used together with wire rope electric hoist or electric chain hoist. The crane consists of a column, slewing arm, slewing drive device and electric hoist. The bottom the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloidal pinwheel reduction device drives the cantilever to rotate, and the electric hoist runs left and right on the cantilever I-beam in a straight line, and lifts heavy objects.

Jib crane is a new generation of light hoisting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is especially suitable for short-distance, frequent use and intensive hoisting operation. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, trouble saving, small floor area, easy operation and maintenance.

Workstation overhead crane

Workstation overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 0.125t-2t, and a wide range of applications. The biggest advantage of our company's Workstation overhead crane is that it can be easily expanded and adapted to new requirements at any time, and it can develop together with your business.

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Provide pre-sales localization services

  • Establish special team for this project, to cooperate with the production dept.
  • Field measurement. We can send engineer to your work site for the workshop measurement, discuss requirement.
  • Field measurement. We can send engineer to your work site for the workshop measurement, discuss requirement.

Provide pre-sales localization services

  • Establish special team for this project, to cooperate with the production dept., supply dept., quality inspection dept. and others to make every effort to implement the various tasks of this project.
  • Implement the product quality veto system to ensure the product manufacturing quality (strengthen the company's existing quality tracking card system, and strictly check by inspectors).
  • Field measurement. We can send engineer to your work site for the workshop measurement, discuss requirement.

Provide pre-sales localization services

  • We have our own installation team, the after-sales team will reach for you in time.
  • Quick respond. Our company will respond to the maintenance service within 8 hours, provide solution within 24 hours.
  • Providing free quick-wear part long lifetime and exclusive engineer support at any time.
  • Equipment regular maintenance guidance.

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