Crane Power Supply System

Seamless Slide Wire

Seamless slide wire, produced by advanced technology, 3 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole seamless sliding contact wire, with permanent electricity, power supply with oxygen-free copper, pressure drop force, better conductivity, and good contact, easy to install, not easy to wear, easy to replace, more convenient to transport, not easy to cause damage to the slide line, and prolong the service life.

Features of seamless slide wire: safety, stability, no interface (except for the power supply point), small size, convenient installation, and economical;

  • The seamless slide wire is installed without joints, which is simple and time-saving, and has a small space.
  • The seamless slide wire is made of special material, running smoothly, with high speed and low noise.
  • The installation bending radius of the seamless sliding contact line is small, and the minimum bending radius is 750mm.

Single-pole Insulated Conductor Rails

Single-pole insulated conductor rails complies with the latest regulations and provide the electric energy for mobile consumers. The conductor rail material is copper (200A-5000A), aluminum (150A-3000). The aluminum conductor rail is provide with a proven and patented stainless steel contact surface. Any numbers of poles can be installed vertically or horizontally, on straight or curved systems.

The conductor rail system can be installed indoor or outdoor. For high temperature conditions, a high temperature insulation cover up to +115℃ is available, also for low temperature conditions, it could be up to -40℃.

Type-R: Curves for R≥1200mm.

Including: Phase line, ground line, jointing box, support bracket, hanger, current collector, end cap.

Note: When selecting current collector, the capacity of the current collector should be matched with the electrical equipment. When the single-pole capacity is not enough, a bipolar current collector can be used. The lateral movement distance and the contact direction movement distance can be enlarged according to user needs.

Multiconductor Insulated Conductor bar

Multiconductor insulated conductor bar is ideal conductor system for cranes, conveyors, automated warehouses and many other applications. Virtually word-wide application, in indoor and outdoor installation, even when ultimate weather circumstances apply.


  • Current capacity of conductors: 35A, 50A, 80A, 125A, 160A and higher.
  • Conductor housing for 7 uninterrupted conductors
  • Adjustable to almost all heights
  • Flexible sealing against dust, moisture and corrosion
  • Superb high travel speeds possible
  • Particularly suitable for transmission of control and data signals
  • Virtually maintenance free

Angle Steel Slide Wire

For some special occupations, especially places with strong corrosion in the workshop, the general sliding contact line can't be used.

For the sliding contact wire, the conductor is either copper or aluminum. In the environment with strong acid, they are easy to react with acid, resulting in the deformation of the sliding contact wire and greatly shortening the service life. Therefore, for this special occupation, the angle steel sliding contact wire can be used as a substitute.

Angle steel sliding contact line and supporting high-strength insulators are used as support to form a mobile sliding contact line that provides feed to various lifting machinery and equipment. This product has the following characteristics:

  • Reliable operation, no power interruption failure occurs.
  • It can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high dust, high turbid gas, etc.
  • High mechanical strength, not easy to bend and deform, and can withstand the impact of strong short-circuit current.
  • The current-carrying capacity can be set according to user needs, the maximum can reach more than 1000A, and the voltage level can reach more than 5KV.
  • The use of copper or copper-aluminum conductors can greatly reduce the power loss of the wires
  • After the auxiliary cable is added, a low-impedance sliding contact line can be formed, and the conductor impedance is doubled.
  • The wiring can be on the upper, side or lower part.
  • JGH" type sliding contact line has the advantages of large heat dissipation surface, compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance.
  • JGH "II" type is composed of dovetail groove copper rods and high-stiffness I-beams, and its embedded installation process ensures the close integration of copper rods and I-beams.

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