Chain Hoists

Adopt high-strength aluminum alloy body, beautiful appearance, compact body, small size, light weight, high flexibility, and reasonable structure;

Adopts two-stage gear transmission, and helical gear transmission for high speed stage, the transmission is stable and the noise is small.

  • Capacity: 0.5~35tons
  • Lifting height: 3m(standard)
  • Lifting speed: 0.7-8.9 m/min, or double speed
  • Traveling speed: 11m/min, 21m/min, or double speed
  • Duty group: M4
  • Protection degree: IP54
  • Working temperature: -20~+40℃
  • Power source: AC 380V 50Hz or Customized
  • Crane control mode: Pendant control, wireless remote control
  • Reference Price Range:$300-5000/set


For different working occasions, chain hoists are divided into hook type(fixed type), manual trolley moving type, electric trolley moving type, low headroom type, and manual chain hoist. It is suitable for plant production lines, logistics, and processing plants,etc.

Among them, the low headroom chain hoist has an ultra-low headroom size, which can increase the lifting height, and is suitable for working occasions with strict requirements on lifting heights such as low workshops.


  • High component strength
  • Safety and reliablity
  • Nice appearance
  • Advanced performance
  • Small size and light weight
  • Widely used



Aluminum alloy shell, solid and light. The cooling fin is especially designed to ensure quick heat dissipation with the efficency up to 40% and continous service.

The overall closed structure can be used in chemical plants, and electroplating plants,etc.

Side magnetic brake

The newly designed magnetic force generator has the characteristic of producing magnetism. It can brake at the same time when the power is cut off to ensure safety when lifting.

Limit switch

There are limit switch devices for lifting up and down to automatically stop, prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.


Imported FEC80 super heating treatment alloy steel chain is adopted. It is safe to use in rainwater, seawater chemicals and other harsh conditions.


After hot forging, it has excellent strength and is not easy to break. The lower hook can be rotated 360, with safety latch to ensure safe operation.

Support frame

The lifting support frame is composed of two steel plates, which is very strong.


24V/36V transformer device. During operation, in case of electric leakage, accidents can be prevented, and safe use can be guaranteed when it rains.

Electromagnetic contactor

High-efficiency electromagnetic contactors can be used at high frequencies without problems.

Reverse phase protection device

Special wire device, when the power supply wiring is wrong, the control circuit cannot operate.

Control switch

Use waterproof button switch, light and durable.

A Standard Electric Hoist Will Be Produced in 14 Days.

Lead time of cranes with different voltage may be 10-15 days longer as electrical components need to be customized by our supplier.

On-Site Installation or Remote Instruction Is Available

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