Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

Rail mounted container gantry crane(eferred to as rmg container cranes)is suitable for handling and loading and unloading of international standard containers and railroad wide containers in container yards or transfer stations in ports, terminals, railroads, logistics and so on. It is supported on the rail by several sets of steel wheels, powered by utility electricity, and consists of large vehicle mechanism, small vehicle assembly, gantry, power system, and special spreader for containers.

The design, manufacture and inspection are carried out in accordance with the latest domestic and international standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS and GB. Degong RMG is characterized by various functions, high efficiency, stability and reliability, wide operation range, convenient use, maintenance and repair.

It has perfect safety indication and overload protection device to maximize the safety of operators and equipment. The electrical drive adopts all-digital AC frequency conversion, P LC control speed regulation technology, flexible control and high precision. It is equipped with domestic and foreign famous brand outsourcing parts to ensure the quality of the whole machine.

1 Rail mounted container gantry crane

Product Features

  1. The company specializes in providing upper rotating (trolley rotation) rail container gantry cranes, lower rotating (spreader rotation) rail container gantry cranes, cantilevered, non-cantilevered rail container gantry cranes, rail container gantry cranes for railroads;
  2. Standard two-way flexible resistance anti-shaking system, optional multifunctional frequency conversion anti-shaking micro-system and electronic anti-shaking system, anti-shaking effect is remarkable, easy to maintain, and improve the container's resistance to shaking;
  3. CMS intelligent service management system, real-time monitoring and control of equipment operation status;
  4. Vector frequency conversion, power feedback, torque balance control technology, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient and efficient;
  5. Automatic fault detection and real-time data display technology, safe and reliable;
  6. Providing a variety of operating modes - manual semi-automatic automation remote operation, advanced technology, stable performance;
  7. With automatic operation and positioning, intelligent box to box, track intelligent control, intelligent safety protection and other core technologies;
  8. Complete with various safety measures such as high wind alarm and safety dynamic scanning.
Main Technical Parameters
Lifting Capacity Under Spreader(t) 35 41 70
Base Distance(m) 10/16
Span(m) 30/35/40
Lifting Height(m) 12.5/15.3/18.3
Stack Layers pile up 3 over 1/Pile 4 over 1/Pile 5 over 1
Container Specification 20′, 40′, 45′ 20′, 40′, 45′ double20′, 20′, 40′, 45′
Speed Hoisting(full load/empty load)(m/min) 13/20 13/20 20/40
Gantry Traveling(full load/empty load)(m/min) 45 45 45
Trolley Traveling(m/min) 70 70 70
Wheel Numbers 16/20 16/20 24
Maximun Wheel Load 250 250 300
Power Supply Three Phase AC 380V 50Hz

The items listed in above technical parameter table are for reference.


2 Export of rmg cranes gates to the port of Thailand

Export of rmg cranes gates to the port of Thailand

Application Scenario: Railway Yard

Container spreader: upper rotating retractable spreader

3 Krasnodar Port Project of Russia

Krasnodar Port Project of Russia

Application Scenario: Port

Container spreader: lower swivel spreader

4 Simple container gantry crane project

Simple container gantry crane project

Application Scene: Indoor

Container spreader: child and mother spreader

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