Explosion Proof Cranes and Hoists of High Quality

When operating in environments with flammable, explosive, or toxic gases, explosion-proof equipment is essential. Our range of explosion-proof and spark-resistance cranes and hoists are designed to safely operate in explosive gas environments of Zone 1 and Zone 2, explosive dust environments of Zone 21 and Zone 22, as well as underground in coal mines, with lifting capacities ranging from 0.5t to 130t.

For hazardous environments, we offer standard products to highly advanced customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. All components of our explosion-proof products are carefully selected to enhance the high level of safety required in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, gas-fired power plants, wastewater treatment facilities, spray painting workshops, and other industrial sites with hazardous areas.

Explosion-Proof Certificates

Our explosion-proof products have passed the IECEx for global standards, ATEX for Europe, CCC, Mining Safety Certificate, and Explosion-Proof Qualification Certificate for China.

Explosion Proof Certificates

Explosion-proof Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Explosion-proof double girder bridge cranes have a lifting capacity of up to 130t and are widely used in explosive environments. They are extremely durable, require low maintenance, and have a long service life. High component interchangeability allows for easy replacement.

Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoists

Explosion-proof electric chain blocks are durable and designed to meet the high safety requirements of explosive environments, making them suitable for various hazardous settings. Their modular design focuses on reliability and durability, featuring spark-resistant functionality and ease of maintenance.

 An explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist with a green motor housing, blue reel, and a yellow hook, equipped with a green pendant control.

Explosion-proof Wire Rope Electric Hoists

Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoists offer reliability, ease of use, and high safety, with lifting capacities of up to 10t. Featuring spark-resistant functionality, these hoists can be used independently with workshop fixed suspension tracks or in conjunction with LXB explosion-proof electric suspension single girders, LB explosion-proof electric single girders, and explosion-proof hoist double girders.

Explosion-proof Manual Chain Hoists

When working in hazardous environments where electricity is not available or cannot be used, ex proof hand hoists offer an optimal, cost-effective solution. These hoists feature a simple internal structure, are easy to assemble and disassemble, facilitating maintenance. They are portable and easy to operate. We provide explosion-proof and spark-resistant manual hoists with fixed suspension, manual push, geared, and electric trolleys for various applications.

Explosion-proof Gantry Cranes

Explosion-proof gantry cranes are primarily used for loading and unloading bulk materials in ports, outdoor storage yards, and stockyards. They feature high space utilization, a wide operating range, broad adaptability, and strong versatility.

Explosion-proof Jib Cranes

Explosion-proof jib cranes are suitable for a variety of application environments, including mechanical workshops, large factory assembly lines, and critical maintenance points in industrial processes, among others. With a simple structure, easy installation, convenient operation, and flexible rotation, they are essential stand-alone emergency lifting equipment on high-efficiency automatic production lines.

Explosion-proof Lever Chain Hoists

Explosion-proof lever hoists are made from materials such as beryllium bronze, aluminum bronze, and brass, suitable for various settings including factories, mines, construction sites, docks, and transportation. Their advantages are particularly evident in confined spaces, outdoor operations, and situations without access to power.

Why Choose DGCRANE

DGCRANE has specialized in exporting explosion proof products for 13 years, with products sold to over 120 countries. We offer customized explosion proof equipment solutions and transportation plans tailored to your needs. We provide high quality, cost-effective products, I believe our products will make you satisfied.

Explosion-Proof Equipment Services

DGCRANE provides necessary spare parts and professional installation and maintenance services for all explosion-proof products.

  • Spare Parts
    We prepare the necessary spare parts for all explosion-proof electric chain hoists so that explosion proof components can be replaced in a timely manner when their service life ends, ensuring the safety of the explosion-proof electric chain hoist and the working environment, reducing maintenance and inspection time, and improving production efficiency.
  • Installation
    If needed, we can provide accompanying installation services, with our engineers coming to your location for installation. If you prefer to handle the installation yourself, we will inform you of the qualifications required for the installation workers you need to hire, and provide detailed installation steps and precautions in a manual along with remote guidance.
  • Maintenance
    Accompanying the explosion-proof equipment delivery, we provide manuals on product use and maintenance. During the explosion proof product's service period, we offer consultation services and solutions for any issues that may arise.

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