2 sets of 10Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane With 6 Sets Electric Chain Hoist For Sale to Sri Lanka

December 02, 2020

Detailed specifications:

Model: LD 10T Single Girder Overhead Crane
Safe working load: 10 t;  Span: 28.6 m 
Lifting height: 9 m
Crane traveling speed: 20 m/min
Low headroom Electric chain hoist
Hoist Safe working load: 5T
Lifting speed: 2.7 m/min
Hoist traveling speed: 11m/min
Industrial voltage: 400v 50hz 3ph (36V)
Ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃

This is a very special project. Two overhead cranes are used in the customer's shipbuilding workshop. This has higher requirements for our electrical design. Here are the customer's requirements:

For hoisting:
1. All six hoists to operate individually up/ down
2. All three hoists in one girder line to operate together up/ down, while other three hoists in other girder line to operate together up/ down
3. All six hoists to operate together up/down

For cross travel:
1. Each hoist to operate individually left/ right
2. All three hoists on one crane girder to operate together left/right
3. All six hoists to operate together left/ right

For Long Travel:
1. Each crane to operate individually left/ right
2. Both cranes to operate together left/right

Required anti collision safety in between two cranes and in between hoists...

Below are some photos of client's workshop:
customers shipbuilding workshop 1 customers shipbuilding workshop 2

After continuous communication with customers, the following are some of our product shipment photos:

Main Girder 1 Main Girder 2
Main Girders

Cutting for main girder End Beam
Cutting for main girder                                                                   End Beam

Electric chain hoist Hoist trolley
Electric chain hoist and Hoist Trolley

Crane motor 1 wireless remote control
Crane Motor                                                                                      Wireless remote control

More photos of Package and shipping:
Package Shipping

Very thanks for my client to share some installation photos in their workshop on July 18, 2020 and expressing their satisfaction with our products. Customers' affirmation of us is to give us the best gift. Below are some installation photos:

installation photos 1 installation photos 2 installation photos 3 installation photos 4

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