2 Sets of Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale to Panama

April 20, 2021

2 Sets of single girder overhead crane

Detailed specifications:

1. Model: LD 25T Single girder overhead crane with electric chain hoist
2. Safe working load: 25T;
3.Span: 11.442m ;
4. Lifting height: 11 m£»
5. Crane traveling speed: 2-20 m/min
6. 25T Electric Chain hoist
7. Hoist Safe working load: 25T;
8. Lifting speed: 1.3 m/min
9. Hoist traveling speed: 2/7 m/min (Double speed)
10. Industrial voltage: 3ph /220/ 60hz
11. Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃
12. Work duty: M5
13. Epoxy paint, Schneider electric & Frequency conversion; include the weight limit switch with screen.

Here are some photos of our cranes

Main girder

Main Girder 1 Main Girder 2 Main Girder 3

Electric chain hoist

25T Electric chain hoist 1 25T Electric chain hoist 2

Electrical box and crane parts of single girder overhead crane

Bus bar for crane power system 1 Electric box and crane parts

Weight limit switch with screen

Screen weight limit switch



The customer received our crane on March 13th. Below is the customer's installation picture:

Install Photo 1

Install Photo 2

We are expert on crane custom-sized, if you can't confirm which kind design to use, which one is suitable for yours, contact us!

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