4 Sets of DRS315 Crane Wheel Blocks and Accessories Exported to Brazil

May 23, 2024
Finished pictures of DRS wheel blocks and accessories
  • DRS315 Wheel Block
  • Country: Brazil
  • Quantity: 4sets
  • Max wheel load: 220KN
  • Self weight: 121kg
  • Wheel material: 40Cr, quenched and tempered treatment
  • Wheel block material: QT500
  • Bearings: HRB/ZWZ/LYC brand
  • Wheel surface hardness: HB300-380
  • 4sets buffers for DRS315 wheel blocks
  • 4sets pin connection accessories

This is not the first cooperation with the customer. Last November, our regular customer sent us the inquiry for the DRS crane wheel blocks. This March, they confirmed the order with us.

The compact structural design of the DRS wheel block provides excellent mechanical flexibility, adaptability and stability. It can walk and operate efficiently in small spaces and complex terrain, making it an ideal choice in various work scenarios. Through the advantages of saving space, improving mechanical flexibility, increasing adaptability, reducing weight and improving stability, the DRS wheel box provides strong support for improving work efficiency and ensuring safety.

The following are some finished pictures of the DRS315 wheel blocks and accessories, please check.

Finished pictures of DRS wheel blocks and accessories

DRS315 crane wheel blocks and accessories

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