4 sets of DRS-200 Crane Wheel Block For Sale to Indonesia

March 09, 2021

 Detailed specifications:

1. Drive crane wheel block: DRS200-A50-A65-K-X-A47
    Idle crane wheel block: DRS200-NA-A65-K-X-X
2. Crane wheel material: 42Crmo;  
3. Crane wheel block material: Aluminum alloy
4. Max crane wheel load: 100 KN
5. Weight: 5kg/set

Information of drive motor:


DRS200—Model, Tread diameter 200mm

A—Spline 50;  Spline dia 50mm; NA === Idle wheel

A65—Double flange, Tread width is 65 mm,

K— Top connection

X—Without Horizontal guide rollers

A47—Gearbox type;  X=== Idle wheel

Dimensions of DRS200 Wheel block

DRS200 Drawings

This is a very urgent order, although the quantity is only 4 sets. But this is a trial order. We have a large inventory to meet timely delivery. And this is our standard size, so customers are very satisfied with our delivery date and pay us in full, which is a great trust in us. And the customer is very satisfied with the first cooperation with us; we will establish a longer cooperative relationship with the customer.

The following are finished products photos wheel.

DRS 200   DRS 200 Packaging

Package and shipping mark:

Shipping MARK

The model of our DRS wheel blocks are DRS 112, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500. If you need them, please contact us. We are glad to show more details and price for your reference.
We look forward to cooperate with you.

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