5Ton electrical portable gantry crane exported to Senegal

January 29, 2019

5Ton electric portable gantry crane with universal wheels
Span: 3m
Lifting height: 3.4m-5.1m adjustable by electric
Lifting height adjusted speed: 1m/min
Lifting mechanism: 5 ton electric chain hoist
Lifting speed: 2.8m/min.
Electric chain hoist traversing speed: 10m/min.
Crane traveling mechanism: universal wheels with motors
Crane traveling speed: 10m/min

Portable gantry crane is more and more popular among customers.

It is manufactured for the medium and small factory (company) daily production needs. Widely applies to model manufacture and installing situation, automobile factories, producing department and other lifting occasions.

It can move easily, disassemble and install quickly, cover a little area. The structure design reasonably, can withstand 500 ~ 10000 kg weight, span up to 10 meters. Especially apply to yard and workshop equipment installation, transportation.

On February 8th, 2018, we received an inquiry from Mr. Mohamed, he needs one crane for unload the boxes glass from an open top container and lift the glass crate into their warehouse. The weight of each glass crate is around 3ton, the container is outside the warehouse, considering this situation, without any hesitation we recommend our portable gantry crane running on universal wheels, cause it is free to walk and can easily turn around, which is perfectly suitable for Mr. Mohamed¡¯s demands.

Besides, Mr. Mohamed also have special requests for the lifting height. The gate of their warehouse is around 5m, but the lifting height required is also 5m. It is really a challenge to us. But thanks to our professional engineer team, they came up with the idea of adjustable lifting height. That means the total height of the gantry crane can be adjusted according to customers demands. Take Mr. Mohamed¡¯s project as an example, when the total height of our gantry crane is 4.5m, the lifting height is 3.4m, the 5ton portable gantry crane can lift the glass crane from the container and walk through the 5m gate into the workshop. Then it can adjust the height of itself to 6.2m, then the lifting height will be 5.1m, perfect to meet the demands of the lifting height.

Our solution confirmed by Mr. Mohamed soon. After the negotiation of the price and payment term, contract signed. The production stat when we got the advanced payment and final design of the portable gantry crane drawing confirmed. The lead time is only 25 days. Now Mr. Mohamed already got the portable gantry crane and finished the installation. They are very satisfied with our products and service.
Portable gantry crane 2
Portable gantry crane 3
If you also have similar demands, feel free to contact us, our professional engineer team and sales will offer you the most suitable solution according to your demands.
Following are some key parameters need to be provided when you asking for the portable gantry crane running on the universal wheels:
1.The lifting capacity.
2.The required lifting height. Should it be fixed or adjustable according to your demands?
3.The span of the portable gantry crane?
4.The way of the crane universal wheels walking: by electric or by manual? Kindly notice if the capacity is too much, the suitable way is by electric, it is labor saving.
5.The requests for the working speed of the crane?
6.The industrial voltage is?

Once received your detailed requests, DGCRANE will come back to you with the most suitable solution ASAP.

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