3Ton overhead crane with steel structures exported to Australia

January 29, 2019

On August 14th, we received the inquiry for the 3ton free-standing overhead crane from Mr. Dave, he told us dimensions of 6.5m long 6m wide and a lifting height of 2.5m.

In order to offer the most suitable solution for Mr. Dave, after discussed with our engineers, we replied Mr. Dave's email asking the detailed information as below(kindly notice if you also need the overhead crane with steel structures solution, these information are necessary and very helpful for our engineers to make the suitable design for you):

1.The workshop drawing and pictures. The workshop width, length, height. Need to refer this information to make the design for the layout of the steel structures.
2. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane is?
3. The span of the overhead crane is?
4. The travel length of the overhead crane is?
5. What material to lift? Any special requests for the working speed of the crane? Normally the single lifting speed is enough, but if the lifted material is glass products or motors or regarding products, the lifting speed shall be dual or equipped with VFD to satisfy the working demands.
6. The working class. How many times will you use the overhead crane each day? How many times will you use the overhead crane each hour?
7. The power supply is?

Mr. Dave replied to us with very detailed information on August 15th. Getting these information, our engineer started to make design accordingly. Without any doubt, our drawings for the overhead crane and steel structures confirmed by Mr. Dave. During this period, since we are not sure whether Mr. Dave want to break the finished cement ground, we also suggested Mr. Dave consider about another of our products very popular among our customers, small portable gantry crane running on the universal wheels, Mr. Dave don't want portable gantry crane so we go ahead for the overhead crane with steel structures solution.

After drawings confirmed, Mr. Dave came with one new question, since he had never used this kind of solution, he didn't know how to make the foundations for the steel structures, and there is also no civil works engineers available on his side. Regarding this problem Mr. Dave mentioned, thanks to our engineer Mr. Xu, he also made the detailed civil works drawings and marked each detail (such as the foundation hole width, length, depth and so on) clearly on the drawing. Mr. Dave checked the civil works drawings, all his doubts cleared.

Soon we signed the contract and got the advanced payment. Production and delivery all went smoothly. After production finished, we took some pictures and sent to Mr. Dave for his reference.

Now the goods are on the way to Mr. Dave's factory. We are sure this will be a pleasant cooperation between us.
Besides, there's one question need to be noticed by all lovely customers. Kindly confirm with your forwarder and customs whether you can get the concession on import duty. If yes, any documents required, you can contact us. We will try our best to provide to help you save the cost.

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