26Pcs Φ710 And Φ760 Estonia Driving And Driven Crane Wheels Delivery

December 05, 2014

26 P cs Φ710 and Φ760 driving and driven crane wheels delivered to Estonia dated on 19th,May.2014.

26 P cs Φ710 and Φ760 driving and driven crane wheel are loaded in one 20 GP container which is delivered to Mugga port, Estonia dated on 19th,May.
All the wheels are forged steel with material: 65 Mn. Hardness : H B 320-380.
Advantage of our wheels:

Reduce maintenance cost and time of your wheels and wheel assemblies.

  1. Reduce the wear and tear of the wheels and rails.
  2. Provide an additional 30% load carrying capability over rim toughened wheels
  3. Short delivery within 4-6 weeks, less when required.
  4. Blasting processing to guarantee the wheel more smoothly and reduce the inner stress of the wheel.
  5. driven crane wheels

    driven crane wheel

    Before delivery, the wheels will be coated with anti-corrosive oil in case of rust during transportation.

    forklift driver move the crane wheels

    Before delivery, the wheels will be packed by wooden crate.

    forklift moving crane wheels

    The wheels are loaded by one 20'GP Container and be delivered to Mugga port.

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