One Set BZD 5 Ton Column Mounted Jib Crane For Sale to KSA

May 24, 2021

Type: BZD Model Column Mounted Jib Crane
Capacity: 5ton
Working radius: 13m
Lifting height: 7m (6m above floor, 1m under floor)
Rotate angle: 360°
Control mode: Pendant control + Remote control
Power source: 380V/60Hz/3Ph

The jib cranes is used to lift iron products under shield. Considering that the jib crane working radius is long, we suggest heavy duty column mounted jib crane (upper rotation with slewing bearing). Customer are very satisfied with our design and product quality.

Here we share some crane pictures with you:

Arm scaled

Arm With Motor

Rotation Motor

Slewing Bearing

Column scaled

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