3 Ton Customized Portable Gantry Crane Delivered to Angola

May 31, 2024
Portable Gantry Crane
  • Product: portable gantry crane
  • Country: Angola
  • Lifting capacity: 3 ton
  • Span: 4 m
  • Lifting height: 2 m
  • Total height: 3 m
  • Lifting mechanism:3 ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Cause the portable gantry crane with electric wire rope hoist is sent away by LCL, so we used wooden box to package it. That way is in line with the requirements of shipping, and also saves the cost of shipping. The customer received the portable gantry crane without any damage.

Portable Gantry Crane

Small Portable Gantry Crane

Portable Gantry Crane Package

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DGCRANE can customize crane and its accessories according to your needs, just tell me your specifications and our technical team will provide you with the most professional solutions.

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