End carriages for 1ton portable gantry cranes for our Vietnam Customer

November 03, 2018

End Carriages

End Carriage length: 1700mm

Quantity: 2

With motors and reducer

Crane walking speed: 6m/min

Power supply: 3ph / 380v/ 50hz


Recently, mini gantry crane is more and more popular among customers.

Mini Gantry Crane which is manufactured for the medium and small factory (company) daily production need. It applies to model manufacture and installing situation, automobile factories, producing department and other lifting occasions.

The small electric gantry crane can move easily, disassemble and install quickly, cover little area. The structure design reasonably, can withstand 500 ~ 10000 kg weight, span up to 10 meters. Especially apply to yard and workshop equipment installation, transportation.

On July 11st, received an inquiry from Andy, he has a small workshop, he want to assembly one 1ton capacity small gantry crane on the second floor to lift material from the first floor. He knows some information about the gantry crane, so he decided to buy necessary parts and make the assembly himself.

Purchased some I-beam and crane traveling rails from his local, the wire rope hoist from other supplier, when he came to us for the end carriage, he has been refused by many suppliers, some of them can't provide the part he need, some don't want this order cause it is small and many other things need to be done.

No business is too small for us, to give Andy the solution, we treat his case like a whole gantry crane and confirm the following basic details with him:

  • The lifting capacity
  • The span
  • The lifting height
  • The travel length
  • The industrial voltage

Soon we got answers from Andy, lifting capacity is 1ton, span is 4.6m, lifting height is 9m and travel length is 20m , the industrial voltage is same as ours 380V, 50hz, 3ph. It is also very sweet for Andy to send us an picture to make us more clear about his demands.

After confirmed all the details, our engineer start to make design for him. Known Andy had no complete design, we gave him the whole design.

Very satisfied with our solutions and the service, Andy placed the order to us and transferred us the payment.

Within one week, we finished the production of the end carriages, before delivery, we take a running test video of the end carriages and send it to Andy. Andy is quite satisfied to see this. The delivery of the end carriage is smoothly thanks to the cooperation from Andy and his forwarder.

During installation, Andy came to us with a new problem, he can't do the electrical part of the crane. Communicated with our engineers, they provide Andy the electrical drawing of the mini gantry crane and shared their experiences whenever Andy needed. Soon all the work is done and the crane stat running and working.

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Now Andy's mini gantry crane is working very well. If you also need the mini gantry crane like Andy, no matter you need the whole solution or the parts, feel free to us.

We will give you the most suitable solution at most reasonable price, meanwhile you will get high quality and best service from DGCRANE!

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