130 Ton Crane Hook Assembly Delivered to Poland

June 26, 2024
finished 130 ton crane hook assembly
  • The 130 ton crane hook assembly specifications
  • Country: Poland
  • Hook head material: 30Cr2Ni2Mo
  • Duty group: M6 (3m)

As before, the 130 ton crane hook assembly is installed on a reach stacker. This is a repeat order from our client. We would like to express our gratitude to our client!

Please check the photos of the 130 ton crane hook assembly:

130 ton crane hook assembly

130 ton crane hook assembly1

finished 130 ton crane hook assembly

The crane hook assembly arrives with detailed product information such as our crane hook inspection and scrapping standards.

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DGCRANE is a professional crane hook assembly manufacturer and has many crane hook types for sale. Just tell me your specifications, and our technical team will provide you with the most professional solutions.

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