Crane Hook Inspection And Scrapping Standards

July 08, 2022


The hook is an important load-bearing component of a crane. As often hanging heavy objects, it is easy to wear, so it is also an expensive and fragile components. Therefore, the use of units must often check the use of the hook condition. The safety inspection method of the hook is as follows: for the hook used by the human-driven hoisting mechanism, 1.5 times of the fixed load is used as the inspection load to hold the test. Power-driven hoisting mechanism with hooks, with 2 times the rated load as the test load.

After the hook is removed from the check load, there should be no defects and deformation, and the growth of the openness should not exceed 0.25% of the original size.

The hooks that pass the inspection shall be printed with marks in the low stress area of the hook, including the rated weight, factory mark or factory name, inspection mark, production number and other internal material significance.The comprehensive inspection cycle of the hook should generally not exceed 1 year, such as the conditions can be magnetic particle flaw detection, check whether the main hook cracks.

When the inspection finds that the hook appears the following conditions, should immediately stop using, be scrapped;

  1. The hook has a fist pattern;
  2. Dangerous section wear of the hook reaches 10% of the original size
  3. The openness of the hook has increased by 15% compared to the original size;
  4. The hook used has been twisted and deformed by more than 10°.
  5. The dangerous section and neck of the hook have been plastic deformed;
  6. The hook's bushing wear has reached 15% of the original size. The bushing should be scrapped.
  7. If the hook's mandrel is worn to 5% of its original size, the mandrel should be scrapped. 

In addition, if the hook is found to be defective and cannot be welded, it should be scrapped.

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