Scissor Lifts

Electric Scissor Lifts have the function of automatic moving and automatic raising and lowering, equipped with high-quality motor with the front-wheel-drive system, the energy of which is more powerful. The work platform comes with the control system, and only one operator can easily accomplish a series of movements consecutively, such as moving upward, downward, forward and backward and turning. Compared with traditional manual scissor lifts, it greatly improves working efficiency and lowers labor intensity and reduces numbers of operators required.


The electric scissor lifts can be divided into two types: Self-propelled scissor lifts (hydraulic motor drive) and Self-propelled scissor lifts (Electric motor drive). It's advantage as below:

Reliability and versatility Enhance efficiency
Electrical and hydraulic Scissor working platform provide you incomparable reliability and versatility - enhance efficiency. As the ideal model for flexible operation in crowded space, it is suitable for both flat and rugged ground indoor and outdoor construction, repairing and installation. Electrical and hydraulic Scissor working platform has the features of low noise, higher loading capacity, and larger work platform.

Excellent mobility
The compact body can easily pass through the single channel and double channel, use non-marking solid tire.

Special locations
The feature of low noise is perfectly suitable for the noise -sensitive environment, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools and so on.

Compact and flexible
Most models are equipped with zero-radius turning system, can be easily and flexibly operated in crowded spaces, such as cramped buildings, elevator, and narrow corridor, etc. Up-down, left-right, forward-backward, turning, movements can be easily operated by one person.

Easy maintaining
Random fault diagnosis system can immediately detect the faults, can be repaid type battery trays make it easy to repair the power generator.

The min clearance control of chassis
When lowered the platform, chassis can reach 100 mm minimum clearance from the ground, to ensure that the platform as a whole has a strong through when the platform rises chassis ground decreased to 19 mm minimum clearance automatically by the intelligent control, to ensure the safety of the chassis while working stability.

Emergency descent system
High quality and high precision pressure relief valve cylinder, under a state of emergency (such as electricity), can make the platform steady fall easily, to ensure the safety of the staff of life.

Proportion of intelligent control
Reduce the wiring harness, reduce energy losses, make smooth control accuracy.

Slope protection system
The intelligent design of the machine, the platform in potholes, and the tilt or uneven ground in intelligent protection condition ensures the life safety of the operator.

Simple platform control equipment
Human nature of easy to use control panel, provide efficient and sensitive operation experience.

Stand Configuration for the Self-propelled scissor lifts(hydraulic motor drive)

  • Pothole guards
  • Extension deck
  • Solid non-making tires
  • On-board diagnostic system
  • Tilt lever sensor
  • Folding rails
  • On-board diagnostic system
  • Emergency stop
  • Manual platform lowering value

Options for the Self-propelled scissor lifts (hydraulic motor drive)

  • AC power to the platform
  • Overload sensor
  • Dual flashing beacons
  • Airline to platform

Standard Configuration for the Self-propelled scissor lifts (Electric motor drive)

  • Proportional control
  • Platform gate with automatic lock
  • Platform extension deck
  • Full stroke travel
  • Solid non-making tires
  • 4*2 drive
  • Automatic brake system
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Oil pipe explosion-proof system
  • Fault diagnosis system

Option for the Self-propelled scissor lifts (Electric motor drive)

  • AC power to the platform
  • Overload sensor
  • Dual flashing beacons
  • Airline to platform
  • Tilt protection system
  • Buzzer
  • Horn
  • Hour meter
  • Safety overhauling support rod
  • Standard transportation forklift holes
  • Charging protection system
  • Strobe light
  • Folding rails
  • Automatic pothole protection system

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