Overhead Crane Parameters And Specific Classification

October 19, 2021

Single girder eot cranes consist single overhead beam, two rails, end trucks, two runway beams and a hoist to lift the load that runs on the overhead beam. The end trucks run on the rails which are fixed on the runway beams.

Performance parameters of overhead crane

1. Lifting capacity: refers to the mass of the weight being lifted, the unit is kg or t. It can be divided into rated lifting capacity, maximum lifting capacity, total lifting capacity, effective lifting capacity and so on.
2. Lifting height: the distance between the hook center and ground.
3. Working level: The working condition index of the whole machine indicating the full load degree of the crane lifting load and the number of lifting work. The working level of the crane is divided into 8 levels, A1-A8, light (A1-A3) and intermediate. (A4, A5), heavy grade (A6, A7), extra heavy grade (A8).
4. Wheel pressure: the maximum vertical pressure of the trolley's own weight and rated lifting weight on the wheels of the trolley when the overhead's own weight and the trolley are in the limit position.
5. Overhead crane span: The distance between the two track centerlines of the overhead crane running track is called the span of the crane. Denoted as: L. The unit is generally: M.

Bridge machine drawings1

The classification of overhead cranes

1. General purpose overhead cranes refer to general purpose overhead cranes that work in general environments.
2. Grab overhead cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading and lifting operations of bulk cargo, waste steel, wood, etc. Except for the lifting and closing mechanism, this crane has the same structural components as the general hook overhead crane.
3. The three-purpose overhead crane is a multi-purpose crane. Its basic structure is the same as the electromagnetic overhead crane. The hook can be used to lift heavy objects according to needs, or a motor grab bucket can be hung on the hook to load and unload materials, and the grab can also be unloaded and an electric disk can be hooked to lift ferrous metals.
4. The double trolley overhead crane is basically the same as the hook overhead crane, except that two trolleys with the same lifting weight are installed on the overhead frame. This type of machine is used for lifting and loading and unloading long objects.

grab overhead crane 2

overhead crane 3

single girder overhead crane 5 scaled

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