10 ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist Delivered to Uzbekistan

October 31, 2023
Finished electric wire rope Hoist scaled

Type: Electric wire rope hoist
Lifting capacity: 10t
Lifting height: 10m
Lifting speed: 7 m/min
Traverse speed: 20m/min
Control method: Pendant control
Power source: 380v 50hz 3Ph
Destination country: Uzbekistan

On March 3, 2023, we received an inquiry from this customer and learned that they were looking for an electric wire rope hoist. Initially, the customer mentioned that they needed a 5-ton electric wire rope hoist. However, after obtaining a detailed understanding of the customer's lifting scenarios and requirements, we discovered that there might be situations where the weight to be lifted could exceed 5 tons. For safety reasons, the customer eventually followed our suggestion and chose a 10-ton electric hoist.

We take full responsibility for understanding the specific usage scenarios and requirements of each customer in order to ensure that they purchase the most satisfactory product and meet their needs for convenience and efficiency at work.

Below are the finished electric hoist pictures:

Finished electric wire rope Hoist scaled

Packaging electric wire rope hoist  scaled

Packaged electric wire rope hoist  scaled

DGCRANE will create the most suitable crane solution and service for our customers by considering 9 aspects: material selection, type, tonnage, span, lifting height, working conditions, working class, transportation method, and installation guidance.

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