Site Safety Signs Are An Essential Part Of The Plan Of Keeping A Site

September 30, 2012

Site safety signs are an essential part of the plan of keeping a site, such as a construction site or a landfill site safe. These signs help people working on these sites stay alert of their immediate surroundings, as well keep other people present there informed and safe. Out of the wide variety of site safety signs in use, here are three important ones:

3 Important Site Safety Signs

  • Electrical Safety Signs: The use of electricity is necessary in all construction environments these days, and some of the uses of electricity can be potentially very dangerous if care is not taken. High voltage can cause irreparable damage and even death; therefore, informing people about the danger of high voltage is a must. A black sign with a yellow background is often used to give warnings, and on an electrical safety warning sign, there is usually present a person being stuck by electricity, along with the warning text message. These signs clearly inform the workers as well as everyone else what type of danger exists, so they can take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.
  • Over Hazard Signs: At a construction site, there may be cranes and people moving heavy objects around and to the upper levels of the building being constructed. In such a situation, there is always the possibility of small- to large-sized falling objects. Site safety signs clearly warning about falling objects are used to inform about such a danger, so that everyone can take precautions, such as wearing a helmet, to ensure their safety as much as possible.
  • Highly Flammable Substance Signs: On a site, such as a building demolition site, there may be highly flammable explosives. In such a situation it becomes important to inform everyone about the presence of these materials, as lack of knowledge could result in disaster. Site safety signs depicting the presence of explosives, as well as a warning text message, is used to inform people about the situation.

Site safety signs play an important role in keeping people informed about the safety measures they need to take when at the site. Signs for electrical safety, overhead hazard, highly flammable substance are three of the important signs displayed at sites. It is important to make an assessment of the signs that need to be displayed at a site and use those signs to make sure that the workers as well as other people take the precautions they should take.


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