Two sets of 30+30 ton double girder gantry crane to Qatar

September 05, 2018

Item: 30+30 ton double girder gantry crane
QTY: 2 sets
Application: Casting yard for concrete girders handling

Double girder gantry crane is widely used in casting yard of railway and bridge construction site. We first contacted with Mr.Fidda in 2013 and he knows what products we can supply. In December of 2014, Mr.Fidda got this inquiry from the local government and he came to us for help. After phone call with Mr.Fidda, we get to know that the two cranes will be running in casting yard for concrete girder handling, which we are quite familiar with due to China's fast debelopment in bridge construction.


To offer client the most suitable crane solution, we had following discussion with  Mr.Fidda trying to figure out the details.
1. Max.weight of the concrete girders
2. Dimension of the concrete girders
3. Crane span length
4. Expected lifting height
5. Crane traveling length
Above details is basic factors on which the crane design is based on. After detailed discussion with Mr.Fidda, we know that the two sets fo double girder gantry cranes will work together to lift up concrete girders of max.80 ton and 24m long. Then our engineers give suggest of 2 sets of 30+30 ton double girder gantry cranes, running on same rails. Our electrician will make sure the two cranes can be both independent operation and synchronized running. In this way, two cranes can work together to lift concrete girders up to 40 tons with 2 trolleys and max.80 tons with for trolleys. Besides, considering the traveling length of the gantry cranes is 280m which is quite long distance and two cranes run on same rails,our technician offered a effective and cost-saving method, cable reel drum still applies but powered in the middle of traveling rails. This will make sure the two cranes running independently and freely but save half of the power lines.


Which important factors should be taken into consideration to offer the most suitable crane design?
First of all, the crane design should meet the requirement of the client's requirement for material handling, like SWL, span length, lifting height.
Secondly, we need to clarify whether synchronized operation is needed.
Thirdly, we need fully understood the construction site condition so we can give suggestion on suitable power supply.
The last but not the least, after sale service should be also taken into consideration when comparing the cost.

We also sent our technicians to client's site assist the crane assembling and crane commissioning.

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