The Advantages of The European cranes?

May 08, 2021

The concept of European-style cranes has been formed in the industry in recent years. The purpose is to differentiate it from the so-called domestic, Soviet (Soviet) and traditional cranes.

Mainly include:

European type overhead crane
European type gantry crane
European type jib crane
European type explosion-proof cranes and other industrial cranes

European type single girder gantry crane

Compared with traditional cranes, European cranes can bring you the following benefits:

1. The dead zone of the hook(hook limit switch) is small, which can increase the efficiency of the plant and allow the limited space to be used as much as possible (as shown in the figure below)

advantages of European cranes1

2. The lifting height is higher compared to traditional cranes. If it is determined before the design of the plant, the height of the plant can be appropriately reduced, which greatly reduces the investment in the construction of the plant in the early stage;

3. The running sound is small, making your production environment quieter and avoiding noise pollution;

4. The energy consumption of lifting equipment with the same lifting capacity, the same span and the same working level(European type crane and Traditional crane) can be reduced by more than 30% during operation, which can save operating costs for customers and is also in line with the national energy-saving and emission-reduction industrial policy;

5. Galvanized steel wire rope imported from South Korea has a long life, high tensile strength and safety compared to normal steel wire rope of traditional cranes.
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