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September 30, 2023


How long does it take to ship our overhead cranes to Egypt?

Our overhead crane wheels need to be replaced, how long does it take to ship wheels to Vietnam by land?

I need to make a purchase plan and want to know how long it will take to purchase an overhead crane to Iran.


Shipping time in the overhead crane procurement before and during the process, not only the buyer is concerned about these issues, but the seller is also often due to the freight forwarder's delay in answering caused by the increase in the cost of communication with the customer, the use of Searates can quickly help the customer and the salesman to get this information:

  • Distance & Time
  • Container Tracking
  • Load Calculator
  • Logistics Map

Distance & Time

Distance and time to quickly find out the time and distance of sea/air/land transportation between two countries/cities/ports.

searates distance and time dgcrane

Its data is called Google Map data, using the Google Map platform to simplify global transportation, so it has great reference value in our practical application.
However, it is important to consider that the complexity of customs procedures and potential delays at border crossings can affect the transit time of shipments. Factors such as the volume of cargo being processed, the accuracy of documentation, and any unforeseen inspection or regulatory requirements can also lead to longer transit times. So, the search results will also match this route, and output some real-time data from the shipping company, and now you can use this tool to answer the few questions at the beginning of the article.

searates cn eg dgcrane

Q: How long does it take to transport our overhead cranes from China to Egypt?
A: About 24 days, the real-time data given by COSCO takes 36 days.

searates cn vn dgcrane

Q: My wheels need to be replaced, how long does it take to ship wheels to Vietnam by land?
A: Around 3 days, but it may be extended due to actual traffic control and customs procedures.

searates cn ir air dgcrane searates cn ir land dgcrane searates cn ir sea dgcrane

Q: I want to make a purchase plan and want to know how long it takes to purchase crane equipment to Iran.
A: You have a variety of options, if you have enough time, it is recommended to use sea transportation, which is cheap and the cycle time is about 34 days; land transportation is about 7 days; air transportation is about 2 days, which is faster, but there is a limitation on the size of the goods and it is the most expensive.

Container Tracking

In addition to questions about the shipping cycle, another feature that is often used is the container tracking query:

searates Container Tracking dgcrane

The operation is very simple, only need to enter the specific bill of lading number. You can check the type of container tracking that is sailing and has been cleared can not check the relevant information. This function is available on the official website of major shipping companies, such as MSK / MSC / CMA / COSCO / OOCL / TSL / YML, but it is better integrated, you can get the data of major shipping companies.

Load Calculator

Another nice feature it has is the Load Calculator, which calculates and gives recommendations for crating based on the package/size of the shipment and the specifications of the container, in the case of one of DGCRANE's overhead crane shipment examples:

Single girder overhead crane shipped to Zambia

LD7.5t-S4.5m-H5m/A3/Ground Handling

  • Main beam: 5700*1600*860mm, weight: 980kg, 1 piece.
  • Outrigger: 5680*1700*300mm, weight: 560kg/piece, 4 pieces.
  • Floor beam: 3200*350*650mm, weight: 480kg/piece, 2 pieces.
  • Chain hoist: 1240*1050*1000mm, weight: 420kg, 1 piece (box)
  • Electrical and accessories box: 950*950*850mm, weight: 230kg, 1 piece.

searates load calculator products dgcrane

There are also many choices of packaging options, such as bigbags/sacks/barrels/rolls, etc., which can be adapted to different packaging calculation needs.

searates load calculator cargo dgcrane

Select the type of container after selecting the packaging attributes of the product:

searates load calculator container dgcrane

Then you can fill in the information to give boxing suggestions, you can view the different angles of the box through the 3D map, which can also be exported to PDF for the boxing staff reference.

searates load calculator result dgcrane

Logistics Map

The logistics map feature is very useful for customers who are not familiar with the trade process. You can clearly see on the map where the nearest ports are and the information about the containers to be sent out from these ports.

searates logistics map dgcrane searates logistics map qingdao dgcrane

In Conclusion

In the trade process, different roles for the use of this tool have their own different understandings and gains, it also has Logistices Explorer suitable for the need for small cargo booking customers, Route Planner is more suitable for freight forwarders to use, for the salesman and the buyer of these functions have been enough for us to use:

  • Distance & Time can help us quickly estimate the transportation cycle time in the whole purchase plan, and make the subsequent installation and other time plans.
  • Container Tracking can help us to prepare customs clearance/receiving arrangements in advance, and make appointments for transportation plans from ports to factories.
  • Load Calculator can give us the reference of packing, help us to better utilize the space and weight of the container, and also can show the customers the position of different accessories.
  • Logistics Map can be more intuitive to see the transportation arrangement of containers in the nearest port, so as to reasonably arrange the transportation time in advance.

DGCRANE is a professional overhead crane trading import and export enterprise, we can provide flexible solutions more suitable for your purchasing plan, contact your exclusive customer service now! WA: +8617303731534  Email:

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