SEW motor and remote exported to Egypt

March 29, 2023
  • Products: SEW motor and remote
  • Quantity: 51
  • Site: Egypt

Our company can also provide customers with crane accessories, the customer provides the serial number of the SEW motor, motor power, etc., to provide customers with the corresponding products.

The detailed specifications:

  • 6.1/0.9kw: for G77DRS2S, lifting geared motors
  • <0.75kw: for FA 37, crane traveling geared motors
  • 1.1kw: for FA 47, crane traveling geared motors
  • 0.4kw: for RF 07, hoist traveling geared motors
  • 0.55kw: for FA 37, crane traveling geared motors
  • 0.8kw: for RF 17, hoist traveling geared motors

We also can provide remote according to customer needs:

The detailed specifications:

  • Remote sender: F24-12D
  • Remote sender: F24-8D
  • Remote sender:F21–E1B TX

motor and remote

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