Safety Precautions For Cranes

January 05, 2022

LH double girder overhead crane 31

Overhead Crane

1.Before operation, check whether the mechanical equipment, electrical parts and protective safety devices are intact and reliable, and perform a test hoist before hoisting. After confirming that everything is normal, it can be put into use;
2. Obey the signal command during the operation, and do not hang the lifting object in the air when the operation is interrupted;
3. It is forbidden to hang objects over or stay on people's heads;
4. When the hook is running without load, it should be raised by more than 1 person;
5. When hanging, the angle between the hanging ropes should not be less than 120¡ã to avoid excessive stress on the hanging ropes;
6. It is forbidden to inspect and repair during lifting operation. Special personnel should be supervised and cooperate with the repair during maintenance;
7. After finishing the operation, the rail clamp should be locked, and the operation should not be forcibly performed in case of strong winds and bad weather above level

electric hoists1

Electric hoist

1.Confirm whether the brakes and limiters are reliable before use. Lift the objects after adjusting the upper and lower limit stop blocks. It is forbidden to lift objects that exceed the rated load;
2. The power supply should be cut off before maintenance and inspection, and maintenance and inspection must be carried out under no-load conditions;
3. It is forbidden to hang objects over or stay on people's heads;
4. During the hoisting process, it is forbidden to hang obliquely or crookedly of the hoisted object;
5. For electric hoists with no lowering limit, when the hook is in the lowest position, the wire rope on the hoist must be guaranteed to have 2 circumferences;
6. When turning and lifting, the operator must stand on the opposite side of the turning direction, confirm that there are no other operators in the turning direction before lifting.

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