Precautions For The Use of Jib Cranes

September 27, 2021

In the assembly workshop, Jib cranes are widely used as small lifting equipment. Every company should pay attention to the safety management and operation of jib cranes.


The following points should be paid attention to when using the Jib crane:

1.Operators should check carefully, check the hooks, ropes, alarms, and safety devices for a long time, and report abnormalities in time.

2.Before starting, confirm that the following conditions are in a safe state:

(1) Whether all controllers are set to zero position;
(2) Whether there are irrelevant persons in the working area of the crane should evacuate to a safe area;
(3) Whether there are obstacles in the operating range of the crane;
(4) Whether the minimum distance between the crane and other equipment or fixed buildings is more than 0.5m;
(5) Whether the power circuit breaker is locked or has a warning sign;
(6) Whether the mobile Jib crane has leveled the site as required and laid the outriggers firmly and reliably.

3.The operator shall not have the following behaviors during normal operation:

(1) Use the stopper at the extreme position as a brake;
(2) Use the opposite direction as a brake;
(3) The jib crane is inspected and repaired while working;
(4) When lifting materials, cranes must not pass over people's heads, and people must not stand under the hanging objects and boom.


The safety management of cranes is often overlooked, and units using jib cranes must pay attention to management. Avoid unnecessary losses.

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