Installation Method And Working Principle of Electric Hoist Overload Limit Switch

May 08, 2021

The overload limit switch of the electric hoist is an important safety device to ensure the smooth progress of safe lifting work. It is widely used on the CD MD type wire rope hoist of bridge cranes and gantry cranes.

Actual pictures of the electric hoist overload limit switch

Electric hoist overload limit switch

Electric hoist overload limit switch internal structure

Working principle and installation method

The switch is a kind of switch device that realizes the internal contact on and off to complete the position restriction of the mechanical mechanism by mechanical external force. In the lifting equipment, it is mostly used in the lifting mechanism of the domestic CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoist, as the height limit switch of the hook device. Before use, first install and debug the switch.

The installation steps are as follows:

1. Put the heavy hammer of the switch into the wire rope and connect it firmly with U-shaped bolts.

2. Bolt the switch body to the bracket of the hoist shell.

3. Connect the heavy hammer and the contacts of the switch body with ropes, and check whether the switch contacts are flexible.

4. Power on and test run, check and debug the switch to ensure that it meets the requirements of on-site use.

Note: This switch device has limit function only when the hoist hook is at the upper limit position. When the hoist hook is at the lower limit position, there is no limit function.

Hammer and Electric hoist overload limit switch

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