How to Pack the Crane When It Is Transported?

July 16, 2021

The product range of Cranes is very wide, and the size varies greatly. Generally, export equipment is shipped by sea. Shipping has great requirements for packaging:

1. Size: If the size of the component is small, it can be transported in a container, if the size of the component is large, it needs to be transported in naked bulk (whole ship or carry).

2. Anti-corrosion requirements: the anti-corrosion conditions in the container should be good, and the effects of salt spray, rain, snow, and sunlight should be considered when the deck is naked.

3. The requirement of preventing damage: The packaging should be able to withstand the accidental conditions of bumps, rolls and even drops during general loading and unloading.


Wooden box

There are two types of wooden boxes, one is ordinary wooden boxes and the other is frame wooden boxes.

wooden box

wooden box 2

wooden box 1


The container generally chooses standard 20ft or 40ft container, its model is 1C or 1A, its external height is nominally 2438mm, the internal minimum height is 2197mm, the width is 2330mm, the length is 5867mm or 11998mm, and the door frame opening height is 2134mm. If you have requirements for height, you can choose high box 1CC or 1AAA.


Special tooling or naked installation

For important components, special transportation tooling can generally be used. For large structural parts, the method of bare mounting + protection of key parts can generally be adopted. The rust-proof packaging level is generally level 3, and the contact surfaces such as structural hinge points are coated with rust-proof grease, and then the packaging tape is wound, and plywood is added to the outside to prevent bumping. When large components are shipped by sea, working condition calculations are also required. Generally speaking, the classification society has instructions and binding requirements.

box type

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