Free Download pdf-ISO 4309 Cranes-Wire ropes-Care and maintenance, inspection and discard

November 08, 2023


Download the ISO4309-2017

A wire rope on a crane is regarded as an expendable component. If the inspection and maintenance of the wire ropes are not given proper attention during the normal use of cranes, it can easily lead to wire rope breakage and cause serious accidents. In daily use, we should pay close attention to issues such as wire breakage, wear, and deformation of the wire ropes.

DGCRANE, as a crane exporter, attaches great importance to safety. Below, we will share with you the latest 2023 ISO documentation regarding wire ropes for cranes.

ISO4309-2017 was last reviewed and confirmed in 2023. Therefore this version remains current. China will adopt the standard in December 2023.

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