4 sets of Ø1000x210mm Forged Wheel Assembly For Sale to Poland

November 26, 2020

Detailed specifications:

Wheel material: Forged 42Crmo
Shaft material: Forged 42Crmo
Roller bearing??i200-?e310-109 cod. 24040 CC_W33
Brand of bearing: SKF
Processing technology: Forged
Surface hardness: 45-50 HRC (DEEP PENETRATION 6 ¡Â 8 mm)
Weight: 1800 kg/set

We are honored to cooperate with the world's number one steel company. This customer is very well-known in the world and one of our very important customers.

We are a manufacturer of custom wheels. The following are some of the finished products photos produced according to customer drawings.

Forged wheel assembly Dia1000x210mm 1

Forged wheel assembly Dia1000x210mm 2

Forged wheel assembly Dia1000x210mm 3

Forged wheel assembly Dia1000x210mm 4

Forged wheel assembly Dia1000x210mm 5
Finished Products

About?the Spraying:?Paint with epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat, 1 primer, 2 top coat. The thickness is 80-120um. Thickness can also be painted according to customer requirements.

For this order, we use the SKF brand for client. SKF bearings are more expensive, and we usually give priority to choosing domestic well-known brand bearings for customers, unless the customer specifies otherwise.



More photos of Package:

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4 scaled

Considering the relatively long shipping time, we choose crate packaging as the packaging material. The surface of the wheel is covered with plastic film and wrapped with rainproof cloth.

According to customer¡¯s requirement, Our trade term was based on DDU/DAP(Delivered Duty Unpaid). The customer is responsible for import duties and value-added tax(VAT). As long as you choose us, we can try different things for you.

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