3 sets of European Type EOT Crane For Sale to Sri Lanka

February 03, 2021

Detailed specifications:

1. Model: HD 10T European type EOT crane and 5T EOT crane
2. Safe working load: 10T and 5T;  Span: 85 m ;
3. Lifting height: 6-22 m;
4. Crane traveling speed: 3-30 m/min
5. Low headroom Electric hoist
6. Hoist Safe working load: 5Tand 10T;
7. Lifting speed: 8/5m/min
8. Hoist traveling speed: 2-20 m/min
9. Industrial voltage: 400v 50hz 3ph (36V)
10. Ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃
11. Work duty: M5 (FEM 2M)
12. Epoxy paint, Schneider electric & Frequency conversion, include the anti-collision device

Before shipment, the customer arranges BV inspector to come to our factory to inspect the products. Here are some test photos:     

  paint thickness test
Paint thickness Test (We can achieve the average thickness 105-140um)

 Paint adhesion test
Paint adhesion Test (Qualified, We use epoxy paint, which has good adhesion and corrosion resistance)

More photos of our cranes

End beam

main girder

Electrical box 

We are expert on crane custom-sized, if you can't confirm which kind design to use, which one is suitable for yours, contact us!

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