2 Sets Wire Rope Drum Delivered to Greece

November 16, 2023
wire rope drums
  • Type: wire rope drum
  • Country: Greece
  • Drum dimension: Ø753 x 6135mm
  • Wire rope dimension: Ø28mm
  • Drum material: Q355B
  • Shaft material: 45# Steel
  • Qty: 2 Sets

This is a very well-known company. We have cooperated with this client many times, this is our first time to provide wire rope drum to my client. We finalized the final production drawing through repeated confirmation.

Below are the finished drums pictures:

wire rope drums

wire rope drum

finishied wire rope drum

We use a 40GP container to Loaded this two drums. Below are the package pictures:

packaged wire rope drum

Reinforcement, Container loading.

wire rope container loading

reinforcement container loading

finished wire rope drum container load

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